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font editor

Free font editor built into Windows

Eudcedit.exe is a font editor built in Windows 2000 and newer versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system including Windows 10. It supports the creation of unicode characters which users and developers […]

Skins Windows with WindowsBlinds

Compared to Linux, it is extremely difficult to customise the appearance of Windows. The most popular, and definitely the most effective, piece of software is Stardock's WindowsBlinds, which allows Windows to be […]

Get Free Images, Video and Sound from Wikimedia Commons

When creating a presentation, a web design, a leaflet or a brochure, it is important to find suitable images to use. Whilst one option is to pay for stock photos to use […]

ReactOS: Open source Windows

Windows is a proprietary operating system which you cannot compile or modify at a source code level. This allows Microsoft to maintain control of their operating system and many people disagree with […]

aMSN: Winks and webcams on Mac and Linux

Adium and Pidgin, the popular multi-network IM clients popular on OS X and Linux, lacks support for many features of MSN Messenger, such as webcams, audio conversations, voice clips and winks. This […]

Secure your files: An introduction to GnuPG

GnuPG allows you to encrypt data so only the intended recipient, with a key and a password, can decrypt it. It also provides a mechanism for verifying data is from the person […]

Watch TV online legally

The Internet is often a place where unlicensed television shows are easy to watch, albeit through websites offering streaming, torrents or USENET. Recently, many websites have started to show shows free online […]