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Usenet providers dramatically increase retention

In July 2008, Giganews made big news for increasing their USENET retention to 240 days. Most other providers had a maximum of about 160 days, but several of these are now promising […]

animoto: Create a video presentation

animoto is a site which allows video presentations to be made in a minimal amount of time, claiming to be the killer of slideshows (although in reality they are slideshows!). The end […]

KompoZer, a free, open-source and half-decent WYSIWYG web editor

Dreamweaver and Frontpage are no doubt the most popular WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) HTML editors but carry a pretty large price tag, with Dreamweaver costing about £500! Naturally, neither work under Linux either! KompoZer […]

iTunes giving away free media

Instead of giving away free software on Christmas Day, Apple are giving away free media on iTunes in the UK and possibly other European countries. Apple's 12 Days of Christmas' Giveaway provides […]

Become a Wikipedia poweruser

You, like me, will no doubt spend a significant amount of your time on Wikipedia so you might as well make your browsing and editing as easy as it possibly can be. […]

Create and edit vector graphics for free

Creating graphics on a computer affordably can prove a difficult task, especially for images besides rasters. Some people need to create images which can be expanded on massive scales; they need a […]

Use spare processing power for science

A computer's processor and RAM are often not fully used, especially, for example, at nights when files are being downloaded or when it is locked by a user. Instead of allowing it […]

Dressing your Mac up for Christmas

Whilst I realise this website has a Linux and Windows-focus, I am (for better or for worse) a OS X user. As Christmas approaches, houses and offices are often adorned with decorations […]

web of trust

Web of Trust: collaborative online security

Most systems which warn of unsafe websites, like OpenDNS and Google, work in mysterious, non-transparent ways and websites are often deemed as unsafe for reasons other than safety. Web of Trust is […] Update all your social networks at once

Sites like Twitter have scores of competitors and it is possible that for someone to effectively socially network, they will have to use sites other than their preferred one. It is obviously […]

Best free (and open-source) FPS games

Whilst first person shooters are mainly confined to the console, several good FPS games are available for PC. I'm nothing more than a casual gamer but I enjoy shooters and I was […]

Access remote Unix GUIs in Windows: Xming

A friend recently introduced me to the idea of X11 tunnelling, which is accessing programs over SSH whilst still maintaining a graphical interface. Most Linux distributions, and OS X, have built-in X11 […]

IM over a LAN

There are plenty of IM networks available but most must connect to a remote server, something which is unnecessary for a business, school or home network and lowers the network's performance. It […]

burn disc images iso

Burn disc images quickly and for free

Windows' built-in CD writing software lacks the ability to write a disc image (such as an ISO) to a disc, which forces people to have to buy software like Nero Burning ROM […]

Help charity effortlessly through the web

Charity can be helped significantly through minor changes to what we done online; by changing search engines, buying through a portal or even simply installing a Firefox extension. This article will highlight […]


FrostWire, free and fast Gnutella

LimeWire is a popular P2P client which uses the Gnutella network. Unfortunately, it limits the amount of ultrapeers to whom connections can be made, in effect reducing the amount of search results […]

Remove adverts on Wikipedia

Wikipedia are currently having their annual fundraising drive and consequently a large 'encouragement' to donate appears on every single encyclopedia article, which is an annoyance. It is fine if it is displayed […]

create wordpress backup

Have WordPress back-ups emailed

We are always told how important it is to back-up our blog, in case it is hacked, which can happen from one minute to the rest. My personal blog, Webby's World, I […]