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GnuCash: Open Source Accounting/Finance Goodness

For many the idea of Linux accounting and financial software falls squarely in the lap of either Quicken or Microsoft Money. But did you know there was one particular open source alternative […]

Shorten Linux Boot Time with Services

The patience of today's computer user is low. Time is, very much, of the essence. And for some reason that adage applies in spades to Linux computer and Linux server boot times. […]

Getting to Know Linux: Installing From Command Line

For users new to the Linux operating system, nothing beats installing applications with the graphical Add/Remove Software applications found in the main menu of your desktop. But sometimes that ever-so-user-friendly GUI isn't […]

Ease Linux Networking With /etc/hosts

How many times have you gone to your Linux box to administer your network and found yourself developing carpal tunnel from typing ssh -v -l jlwallen -X? Or how taxing to […]

Fedora 10 and the Evolution of Xorg

This is a rant. This is only a rant. If this were a real review you would be notified by your local emergency broadcast station...Now that I have your attention, I want […]

Enable Beagle Searching in GNOME

The Beagle indexing tool takes searching your computer to another level. Beagle uses background indexing so searching is updated in real time and as files are created. Even email is indexed upon […]

Downloading Torrents with Transmission

Torrents are a regular part of a geeks life. Whether it is downloading ISO images, your favorite non-licensed anime, or large-scale backups, torrents are a simple way to manage massive downloads. But […]

Using Cron to Automate Linux Tasks

Linux is one of the most flexible and useful operating systems available. One of the tools that places Linux at the top of the flexibility and usability scale is cron. The cron […]

Burn CD and DVD ISO Images with K3B

You just downloaded the newest version of your favorite Linux distribution but you remembered the first time you did it you were in Windows where you had Nero (or some similar application) […]

Installing Fonts in Linux

If you do much desktop publishing or graphics work in Linux than you might be at a place where you are struggling to get fonts installed. Well never fear - it's not […]

Using The GIMP With Fewer Windows

After only a couple of articles about The GIMP it is clear there are many users that are still unhappy with the interface. With that in mind I thought I would help […]

Getting to Know The GIMP Interface

For many people, the biggest hurdle to using The GIMP is the user interface. When The GIMP began it started out with a very different UI than any other application. That UI […]

Save Your Skin by Customizing Your Bash Prompt

If you do much work at the Linux command line then you know the bash prompt can offer you a lot of information. But by default the prompt itself isn't too useful.  […]

Get Graphic with The GIMP

I almost hesitate to offer up any sort of review for the Linux version of Photoshop. Why? I've been using it for so long it almost seems unfair to "review" something so […]

Get Vertical Titlebars in E16 Themes

I bet you didn't know that you could change the placement of your Enlightenment titlebars. Although not necessarily pracitical, it does make for some impressive desktops, and it allows you to quickly […]

Understanding Linux /etc/fstab

The fstab file has a very key mission for your Linux system. What it does is map devices to directories so those devices can be used. If you plug in an external […]

Collaborate in Real Time with Gobby

If you do any collaborative work you know how difficult some collaboration tools can be. With both MS Office and OpenOffice you can collaborate with notes and track changes. But what about […]

Enable Composite for Window Transparency in Enlightenment

If you have played around with the Enlightenment window manager you know it is, for such a lightweight window manager, pretty impressive. But if you've not enabled compositing, you have yet to […]