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Small Business Tech Roundup: Adopt E-signature to Increase Efficiency

E-signatures are an essential way in which businesses can streamline cumbersome processes. Instead of time-consuming paperwork, e-signatures allow your enterprise to get documents signed fast. This is important for small and medium-sized […]

XnShell is an Explorer add-on that lets you resize, convert, rotate images from the context menu

XnShell is an Explorer add-on that lets you resize, convert, rotate images from the context menu

You may have heard about or even used the excellent XnView Image Viewer (check out some of our other favorites such as Faststone Image Viewer, QuickViewer, or HoneyView) . But did you […]

Custom UserAgent String is a Firefox extension that lets you set a user-agent on a per-site basis

So, Mozilla removed the site specific user-agent override setting from Firefox 71. There is a workaround for this, which as mentioned in the previous article is to use a global user-agent. The […]

CudaText is an advanced text editor with tabs, syntax highlighting, plugins, image viewer and more

Text editors, we have reviewed plenty of these here in the past including Geany, Zim, and Notepads; many are user-friendly and basic, but sometimes we review some feature-rich ones. CudaText belongs to […]

Wave Editor is a free and user-friendly audio editing program for Windows

Editing audio files quickly can be a challenge for many users. If you're looking for a user-friendly option for some basic functions, like trimming an audio track or increasing the volume, Wave […]

Aero Glass is a free tool that enables the frosted glass effect in Windows 8 and 10

Aero Glass is a free program that, well you guessed it, restores the popular"Aero Glass-effect" in Windows 8 and Windows 10. The program uses Windows' built-in Desktop Window Manager to produce the […]

SimpleVideoCutter is a free and incredibly easy to use video trimming tool for Windows

Most video editing tools have a lot of options that the average user won't use. If you're looking for a way to just cut unwanted sections from videos, the open source application […]

AwesomeWallpaper is an open source program that lets you set videos, your system information or galleries as your desktop background

Bored with your desktop background? AwesomeWallpaper is an open source application which can help you spice it up in a few ways. The program runs from the system tray and you can […]

Pinner is a program that lets you access your favorite files, folders, applications and URLs from one place

Earlier this month, we discussed a freeware shortcut tool called Biniware Run. While it's more of a speed dial application, there is an alternative for it that is called Pinner that acts […]

7Caps is a free tool with on-screen indicators that tell you if Caps Lock and Num Lock are enabled

Not every keyboard has a built-in Caps Lock or Num Lock LED indicator. My laptop for example, has lights to indicate the status of Caps Lock, Mute and Wi-Fi, but there's none […]

RemindMe is an open source offline desktop calendar application for Windows

Desktop calendars are somewhat of a rarity and these days most people either use cloud-based solutions or the calendar app on their mobile phone for reminders. If you're like me and prefer […]

clipLogger is a freeware tool that captures text that's been copied to the clipboard

There are quite a few good replacements for the Windows Clipboard. Let's take a look at a freeware program called clipLogger and find out how useful it is. The GUI of the […]

AgaueEye is a free hardware monitoring tool that displays an overlay when gaming

If you have watched gaming benchmark videos on YouTube, you may have noticed that there is usually an overlay at the top left corner to display the system's performance. AgaueEye is a […]

Windows Update Blocker is a portable freeware tool which can disable updates with a single click

While Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise users can defer upgrades (to a certain extent), Windows 10 Home users cannot, at least not officially. Microsoft never revealed why Home customers don't get the […]

Mozilla removes site specific user-agent override option from Firefox 71

A few months we told you how to disable the Twitter redesign and get the old interface back. Yesterday I ran into the new UI in Firefox even though I kept the […]

HTTP Downloader is an open source download manager for Windows

HTTP Downloader is an open source download manager for Windows. It works with FTPS and HTTPS protocols as well. The program's interface is quite basic and yet modern at the same time. […]

Use these extensions to delete your Firefox browsing history automatically and to clear the cache with a single button

While we browse the internet every day, there's one thing many of us tend to forget: to clear the browsing history and the cache regularly. Clearing the cache and the browsing history […]

Necromancer's Dos Navigator is a freeware clone of Norton Commander

Necromancer's Dos Navigator is a freeware clone of Norton Commander. That's not actually a bad thing, as Norton Commander is still quite popular when it comes to file managers. Let's find out […]

How to copy, select and search text in ePub books using SumatraPDF

SumatraPDF has been our go-to PDF and ePub reader for quite a few years, and I'm sure that some of you may be using it too. I'll admit to using Microsoft Edge […]

MPV-Easy Player is another front-end for mpv with a menu full of quick options and a proper settings panel

We taught you how to configure mpv manually. And if you weren't comfortable with it, you could use the Glow settings generator to set up the player or make use of frontends […]

Ashampoo ZIP Free review

Ashampoo ZIP Free is a free file archiver tool which offers some interesting options. A professional version is also available that offers more functionality. Let's take an in-depth tour of the free […]

Access desktop shortcuts, URLs, Files and Folders quickly with Biniware Run

No one likes a messy desktop. But sometimes, you end up with shortcuts all over the desktop, which not only ruins the look of the background wallpaper, but also sort of makes […]

HashTools is a freeware file hashing tool for Windows

Previously, we reviewed the open source QuickHash GUI tool on our blog. Now, we're going to take a look at another freeware hashing application called HashTools. HashTools is a free software program […]

Textbrowser is a freeware notepad with tabs, syntax highlighting, compare text tool and more

True to its name, Textbrowser can open multiple documents at the same time in a tabbed manner. Of course, you can use it to create and edit text files using the editor […]

DirPrintOK is a freeware directory printing program from the developer of Q-Dir

DirLister is a good option if you're looking for a directory printing software. If you want an alternative, you can try DirPrintOK which offers similar functionality. DirPrintOK is a freeware tool made […]

Ashampoo Snap 11 screen capture review

Ashampoo Snap 11 is a premium screen capturing tool that offers plenty of options, some of which are unique and the built-in editor has a lot to offer. The program is available […]

Criptext is a free encrypted email service with open source apps for Windows, Linux, macOS, Android and iOS

Criptext is a free encrypted email service for Windows, Linux, macOS, Android and iOS. It has been around for a while, but I thought it may be worth looking into. Before we […]

Split or Merge PDFs with PDFsam Basic, an open source program for Windows, Linux and macOS

PDFs have long been a commonly used format for eBooks, digital manuals or documents thanks to how content is presented regardless of operating system that is used and great support for PDF […]

Fido is a PowerShell Script which you can use to download Windows ISO images

There are a lot of ways to get the official Windows 10 ISO images. Windows users may download the Media Creation Tool from Microsoft to download an ISO image of the current […]

Copy PlainText is a Firefox extension that lets you copy text without the formatting style

Have you ever tried to copy formatted text from a web page and paste it in a different tab? Sometimes it doesn't work as intended. Say for example, you wanted to copy […]

Mutt is a command line email app for Linux and here's how to set it up

Mutt is a command line email app for Linux; we continue our series of reviews for Linux-based command line applications. Check out MusicCube (music player) or nnn (file manager). Like many terminal […]

QOwnNotes is an open source note taking tool for Windows, Linux and macOS that supports Markdown

Ever wanted a note taking tool that supports Markdown? QOwnNotes may be worth a look (or two) if that is the case. QOwnNotes is a cross-platform open source note taking program for […]

ScreenWings can block malicious programs from taking screenshots

We have talked about quite a few screenshot tools here, the most recent of which is Free Shooter. Let's take a look at a freeware anti-screenshot tool, ScreenWings. First of all, we […]

FalconX is an open source program that can center the taskbar icons

One area in Windows that has not evolved over different versions that much is the taskbar. Microsoft made the last fundamental change to it when it released Windows 7. The company made […]

Find files on your smartphone or tablet quickly with NirSoft's MobileFileSearch

NirSoft has released a new freeware tool which helps Windows users to search for files and folders in their USB-connected MTP devices. MTP stands for media tranfer protocol; it is commonly used […]

TextConverter is a batch document editing tool that has a lot of advanced options

TextConverter is a free application for Microsoft Windows devices that can be used to edit multiple documents simultaneously. You can also use it to save them text files in different formats and […]

Free Shooter is a simple and open source screenshot tool for Windows

ShareX is the favorite screenshot tool of many users but many are also using built-in screenshot tools like the Windows Snipping Tool or other third-party solutions such as Martin's current favorite PicPick. […]

KpRm is a post-disinfection program that can find and delete malware removal tools and their remnant files

Manually deleting file and folder leftover by an uninstallation, is quite the chore.  I have used various uninstaller tools in the past to clean the remnants to keep systems clean and tidy. […]

Winstars 3 is a planetarium application for Windows, Linux, macOS and Android

Who remembers going to the planetarium? I was a kid when I visited one on a field trip. Stargazing isn't exactly my forte, though I like watching the night sky and try […]

Use the LeechBlock NG extension for Firefox, Chrome to block distracting websites while you work

Have you ever found yourself browsing social networks or video streaming sites when you were supposed to do something else? It happens to the best of us. I always find such websites […]

GNS3 is an open source graphical network simulator for Windows, Linux and macOS

GNS3 is a graphical network simulator which lets you to create a virtual network. You don't need any hardware like routers, switches, or even endpoints (workstation computers). This open source tool can […]