MemInfo is a minimalistic task manager that sits in the system tray

MemInfo is a minimalistic task manager that sits in the system tray

We have reviewed plenty of process managers, e.g. Proccss Explorer,  MiTec Task Manager Deluxe, SterJo Task Manager, or but none of them are quite as minimalistic as MemInfo. It's a handy tool […]

Set any window to stay on top, shrink the window, make it transparent or enable dark mode for any program with WindowTop

Recently I've been using TopMost Control for making windows sticky (always on top), you could also try OnTopper. WindowTop is another free application which can do the same and then some. WindowTop […]

Clibor is a free clipboard monitoring tool for Windows

If you're looking for an easy way to manage your clipboard's contents, try Clibor. It is a free clipboard monitoring tool for Windows that saves multiple entries and supports various options to […]

Remind Me Please is a freeware reminder and calendar application for Windows

Remind Me Please is a freeware reminder and calendar application for Windows. I wanted an alternative to RemindMe. RMP3 (Remind Me Please version 3) starts on the system tray. Click on it […]

UltWin is a freeware window manager that can help you organize your desktop

If you're constantly multi-tasking on your computer, switching between various windows may become a tedious process. UltWin is a freeware window manager that helps you rearrange the windows easily. When you run […]

WPD 1.3.1532 adds support for Windows 10 May 2020 Update, new privacy settings, and some minor UI changes

The excellent portable privacy tool, WPD, has been updated to version 1.3.1532. It adds support for the May 2020 Update which is also known as Windows 10 2004 and rumored to come […]

Find and delete duplicate files, symbolic links or replace them with hard links using Duplicate & Same Files Searcher

A lot of times, when hard drives get filled with data so that free storage space becomes less and less, the culprit is duplicate files. I often backup my files multiple times, […]

Xlideit Image Viewer is an open source photo viewer, editor, video and music player

A lot of image viewers don't come with a photo editor, let alone support for playing videos and music. FastStone Image Viewer is an exception to this. I stumbled onto another such […]

Get RSS feed URLs from any page and preview them using the Want My RSS extension for Firefox

When you are on a website, and want to see if it offers an RSS feed that you may want to subscribe to, what do you do? Usually the best way is […]

Display virtual LED indicators for Caps Lock, Scroll Lock or Num Lock on your screen using Keyboard Lights

If your keyboard doesn't have an LED indicator for Caps Lock, Scroll Lock or Num Lock, you can use applications like AddLEDs or 7Caps to get an on-screen indicator. These programs may […]

View in-depth information of any program's window and its process using Window Inspector

There are a lot of ways to find out what's currently running on your computer. You may want to monitor a particular application for excessive memory or CPU usage, or find out […]

Quick Screen Recorder is an open source and simple screen recording tool

Want to quickly capture a video, but don't have the time to edit it? Check out the video recorders that we reviewed in the past, e.g. VokoscreenNG, OBS Studio, or SimpleScreenRecorder. Quick […]

Copy the URLs of every tab in Firefox with a single click using Copy All Tab URLs

Do you have a lot of tabs open and don't know which ones to close? That's not unusual, most of us don't want to lose our browsing sessions. There could be some […]

CenterTaskbar is an open source, portable program that dynamically positions icons in the center of the taskbar

If you'd like to customize the taskbar, you can't go wrong with FalconX and TaskbarDock. But if all you need is to place the icons in the center of the taskbar, there's […]

Quick Dial is a new tab replacement add-on for Firefox

As someone who has been using Firefox for close to two decades, one of my favorite add-ons for the browser was Speed Dial (by Josep Del Rio).   It was superseded by […]

Manage running processes and services with Alternate Task Manager

Alternate Task Manager is an easy-to-use process manager which offers some extra options compared to the default Windows Task Manager. We have reviewed several alternatives to the default task manager of the […]

Batch resize, rotate or convert images using XnResize

XnResize is a freeware batch image processing tool, made by the developer of XnView.  You can use it to resize, rotate or convert several images in just matter of seconds. Tip: check […]

Pictor is a freeware image editor with a lot of options, filters, batch processing tools.

We have reviewed many image editors here on Ghacks. Some of them are user-friendly, others not so much. Recently, we reviewed zzPaint and a GIMP update. Pictor is kind of a mixed […]

PS Hash is a freeware and portable hashing tool for Windows

PS Hash is a new file hashing tool from Pazera Software. Let's dive right in to see what it's capable of. PS Hash is a portable application. Extract the 32-bit or 64-bit […]

Echosync is a freeware folder synchronization software for Windows

It's always a good idea to backup your important data to other drives or locations so that you may restore the data in case something bad happens. Manually backing up folders can […]

How to import saves from DraStic to DeSmuME and vice-versa

DraStic is hands down the best Nintendo DS emulator for Android devices. It's a premium application that I've been using for years. Did you know that saves that you make in-game using […]

RapydMark is a portable benchmark tool for Windows

Stress testing your computer can be a good way to check its performance under heavy load. RapydMark is benchmark tool for Windows that can help you test your PC's hardware. The program […]

Capture screenshots or videos and share them with ScreenRec

ScreenRec is a free screenshot tool that can also be used to capture videos. Intrigued by the fact that it has a private sharing feature, I decided to give it a spin. […]

Launch any program, URL or add a text snippet using keyboard shortcuts with LeoMoon HotKeyZ

Keyboard shortcuts are time savers, they help increase your productivity and get things done. How often do you use Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V, or Ctrl-T? Those are mostly useful while […]

Libre Hardware Monitor is a fork of Open Hardware Monitor and offers some extra functionality

Last year, when I reviewed Sidebar Diagnostics, I mentioned that it uses a module from Libre Hardware Monitor for reading Ryzen CPU sensors. Libre Hardware Monitor is a fork of Open Hardware […]

DeaDBeeF is an open source music player for Linux

Foobar2000 is the go-to music player for many users (including myself). Though it isn't available on Linux, you can opt for an alternative like DeadBeef. The program's interface is minimal and the […]

Find files and folders quickly with FileBadger

Want to search for files on your Windows system quickly? FileBadger is a freeware search tool that can find files and folders faster and better than built-in search functionality of the operating […]

Capture images and annotate them quickly with Draft Notes

These days a lot of classes and conferences are being held through video streams. If you are taking part in one, and wish to save something important, using a screen grabber program […]

PhotoQt is a fluid image viewer for Windows and Linux

Many image viewing applications tend to be a tad slow to open, at least on my computer. PhotoQt on the other hand is a really fast image viewer. The interface of PhotoQt […]

Manage your tabs, bookmarks, downloads with the Sidebar+ extension for Firefox

All-in-One Sidebar was an amazing extension, which was ultimately abandoned by its developer when WebExtensions were introduced. Though nowhere close to AiOS, there are a few sidebar extensions which are worth trying. […]

Tag your photos and edit the metadata with JPhotoTagger

We have reviewed tools such as Exif Tool that you can use to edit your photos. If you prefer a GUI-based solution, JPhotoTagger is a user-friendly alternative. JPhotoTagger has a triple-pane interface. […]

Set reminders, automate programs to run at defined times with System Scheduler

It's always a good idea to set reminders for important tasks. There are plenty of apps for these on Android and iOS, but not many solutions for those of us who prefer […]

Jane is a freeware text editor that can also edit ASCII files

Today we'll be discussing a freeware text editor called Jane. The name stands for "just another nasty editor". Don't be alarmed though, the program is quite nice. The program has a minimal […]

Mute your computer's audio automatically when it enters the lock screen or when the screensaver starts

Have you ever walked away from your computer and received a ton of notifications from an instant messaging service? Each of those will make a sound, and the noise can be annoying […]

HTTPhotos is a freeware HTML photo gallery maker

Web designing is no walk in the park, especially if you're a new webmaster. How do you add a cool photo gallery to your website? It's not as simple as selecting some […]

View thumbnails of your tabs and organize them with Panorama Tab Groups for Firefox

Tab Management in Firefox and other web browsers is not overly comfortable by default. That's why some use add-ons to improve tab management in the browser. Who remembers Panorama in Firefox? Mozilla […]

TreeLine is an open source PIM for Windows and Linux

You have a lot of choices for note taking apps to choose from, just refer to our reviews of Elephant, tomboy-ng, or Joplin. But if I had to choose one of the […]

HE - Hardware Read & Write Utility is an advanced system diagnostic tool for Windows

How many devices are installed on your computer? What's the name of the installed driver and version for each? Not everyone needs to know or wants to know, but if you need […]

Edit, convert and encode videos, audio and images with Shutter Encoder

Video editors, photo editors, converters, etc., most of us would've used one or more of these programs at sometime or the other. Shutter Encoder is a freeware application that falls into the […]

My Commander is a free file manager with tabs and dual panes

We have reviewed a boatload of file managers here including Explorer Commander, muCommander, and File Commander . Here is one more which joins the list, My Commander. You can probably guess what […]