NotesMan is a simple and open source note taking program that supports autosave

NotesMan is a simple and open source note taking program that supports autosave

Writing down your ideas and making notes about important things is a good way to sharpen your productivity skills. Many note taking programs tend to be convoluted or too complicated to use, […]

How to fix volume keys not working on USB Keyboard in Windows 10

The volume keys on my USB keyboard stopped working out of the blue. Pressing the volume -, volume - and the mute button did not make a difference. But I was able […]

Free Batch Photo Resizer is a user-friendly tool for quickly resizing multiple images

Resizing a lot of images at the same time can be easily accomplished with the help of a batch tool. But, which one should you use? There are dozens of programs that […]

Control the volume with the mouse scroll wheel when the cursor is over the taskbar

There are three common ways that most users use to adjust the volume level on a Windows machine. The most popular option is by using the volume slider that's available on the […]

Store multiple items in the clipboard and insert them with simple keyboard shortcuts with Qlip

There are many ways to manage and improve the Windows Clipboard. Qlip is an open source clipboard manager that stores several snippets, and lets you insert them using simple keyboard shortcuts. Tip: […]

Extract the URL and title from multiple tabs with the Copy Selected Tabs to Clipboard extension for Firefox

We have seen add-ons which can help you copy all your tabs to the clipboard, e.g. Copy All Tab URLs for Firefox. What if you wanted to only copy some links, and not […]

Access Windows 10 God Mode, toggle a Transparent Taskbar, Color Start Menu and more with Win10 All Settings

Windows 10 has a lot of hidden shortcuts that you can use for various purposes. Accessing these options can be a bit complicated for the average user. Win10 All Settings is a […]

Change the brightness and contrast of your monitor quickly with MyMonic

Recently I began searching for a software that would help me control my monitor's brightness. That's when I came across Dimmer, but it used an overlay based method to reduce the brightness. […]

Search inside text documents quickly with Grepy

Forgot which document you saved something important in? If you remember its content partially, even just a few words, you can use a tool to search for text inside several documents to […]

Set long term countdowns, one time alarms, recurring alarms with yTimer

Using a countdown timer can be helpful to know how many days are left for special occasions to occur. yTimer  (also called yTimer2) is a freeware tool that can be used to […]

KeyzPal is an open source tool that displays tray icon indicators for Caps Lock, Num Lock and Scroll Lock

Have a keyboard that doesn't have LED lights for Caps Lock? It is quite common, especially with compact keyboards and laptops. I usually use a program to display on-screen indicators to know […]

Save text or image from the clipboard to a file with a single-click using PasteHere

Saving text or images from the clipboard for future reference? If all you are doing is copy and paste the data to one or two files, it may not take a long […]

Generate random passwords, Diceware and EFF passphrases with RandPass

Never use common words, names, your date of birth, anniversary, etc as your passwords for any of your accounts. A good way to minimize the risk of your login being compromised is […]

View the CPU, RAM and network usage on the Taskbar with Perfmonbar

What do you do when you feel that your computer is lagging? If you're like me, you will probably open the Task Manager to see what's wrong. Usually, most users observe the […]

Dimmer is a freeware tool that puts an overlay on the screen to reduce the brightness level

If there's one thing I don't like about most monitors, it is the way we can control them. They have either have one or multiple buttons on the front side of the […]

Create encrypted documents with Crypto Notepad, an open source text editor for Windows

Storing sensitive data in plain text documents is never a good idea. You never know what could happen if it falls in the wrong hands. Crypto Notepad is a text editor that […]

GtkHash is a cross-platform and open source file hashing utility that supports 23 algorithms

Whenever a download gets interrupted but supports resuming, I usually give it a chance, especially if it is several gigabytes in size. But sometimes the files can get corrupted, in which case […]

Open multiple links from selected text or copy them to the clipboard with the FoxyLink extension for Firefox

Reading an interesting article or tutorial and want to save the links from the page for future reference? Doing that manually can take some time and effort. FoxyLink is an extension for […]

Encrypt your files or delete them securely with DataProtect Free

Encrypting your files with a password is an effective way to protect sensitive documents from data theft. Even if someone gains access to your data, they won't be able to use it […]

Image Eye is a freeware photo viewer that loads photos in a borderless window

Do you want to browse through your photos using a program that doesn't have a single button or a GUI? Meet Image Eye, the lean image viewer. Though it is available in […]

Get the latest weather updates on your desktop with WeatherMate

Planning on going out soon? Why not check the weather before you do?WeatherMate is a freeware tool that displays weather updates on your desktop. The program starts with New York as the […]

PyIDM is an open source download manager that can download videos and playlists

IDM is the undisputed king of download managers. Many programs try to come close to it, but at the end of the day, they really can't beat it. But for the price […]

Open your favorite files and applications quickly using ASuite

Some people like having their favorite applications and files as desktop shortcuts, others prefer taskbar icons or start menu folders. If you're a fan of launcher programs that are highly customizable, ASuite […]

Notepad3 is an advanced text editor that supports many programming languages

Most programmers use IDEs to code, but if you're looking for something light-weight, Notepad3 may be a great choice especially if you don't need to juggle between a lot of files at […]

Heimer is an open source program for creating mind maps

Want to work on something but unsure where to start? Using a mind map can be an efficient way to organize your ideas and projects. Jot down the idea, create a list […]

Tabliss is an elegant new tab replacement extension for Firefox and Chrome

Most new tab replacement add-ons are related speed-dials, bookmarks and the like. Tabliss however is all about elegance. It is a new tab replacement extension for Firefox and Chrome, that displays cool […]

Photoflare is an open source and cross-platform image editor with optional filter effects

One way to make your photo look unique is to add a cool filter effect. Something like Sepia or old-school Black and White can really make a picture stand out. Photoflare is […]

Record your screen or capture screenshots quickly with Kalmuri

Most screenshot programs that we have reviewed here, e.g. Holzshots, PicPick, or ScreenPresso have been limited to capturing images. For screen recording, we've relied on different applications such as ScreenRec. Kalmuri is […]

View the summary of each component in your computer with CobraTek PC Info

Many years ago, I relied on Speccy for obtaining the specifications of the system that I was working with, as it was both user-friendly and informative. Over time, I've come  across better […]

LaunchyQt is a fork of the keystroke launcher program Launchy

Launchy is a popular keystroke launcher, but hasn't been updated in a long time. That is until a user, Samson Wang, picked up its source code, forked it, and updated it by […]

Add an extra toolbar to your desktop with Linkbar

The taskbar is one of the most used features in Windows. I use it to place shortcuts for my most used applications whilst keeping the desktop fairly clean. But you can quickly […]

Listen to online radio stations with VRadio; a portable application for Windows

When I was younger, I had a portable radio which was the size of a Walkman. It was probably due to that I really enjoyed listening to the radio on my Nokia […]

YouTube Windowed FullScreen is an extension for Firefox and Chrome that plays full screen videos in windowed mode

Want to watch YouTube videos in a larger view than theater mode, but don't want it take up the entire screen when you hit the full screen button? There's a way to […]

Shut down, restart your computer, or run any program automatically on a schedule with AutoOff

Automation programs can be quite handy, we were really impressed with RoboIntern.  If you want a program to perform basic functions like shutting down, restarting your computer, or to run any program […]

Translate selected text quickly with the Simple Translate extension for Chrome and Firefox

Remember the extension called "To Google Translate"? That's what I normally use on Firefox, but it's not available for Chrome or other Chromium-based web browsers. Recently, I had to use Chrome for […]

Resize and position windows quickly with ScreenGridy

If you have a ton of open windows on your desktop, switching from one to the other can be a tad cumbersome. You might click in the wrong window and then jump […]

Windows Spotlight Extractor is a tool that lets you view and save the wallpapers downloaded by Spotlight

The lock screen is one of the best looking elements in Windows 10. And that's thanks to the Windows Spotlight feature that displays a new wallpaper from time to time. If you've […]

Telegram increases file size limit to 2GB, adds support for multiple accounts on Desktop, profile videos on mobile

Cloud messaging service Telegram has announced a major update for its apps on mobile and desktop. It brings a slew of new features, here's a list of the important ones. File size […]

Change the Windows theme and wallpaper automatically on a schedule with Luna

Windows 10 has a Dark mode that's easy on the eyes but, Microsoft does not offer an easy way to toggle it automatically. Now, we are not talking about night light, which […]

Musique is a simplistic and cross-platform music player

Foobar2000 and Musicbee are the music programs I mostly use, though I like to change things up a bit by trying new programs; Musique is the one I checked out recently. It […]