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XMeters: display resource use on the Windows taskbar

XMeters is a program for Microsoft Windows devices that displays the resource use of the computer on the Windows taskbar. You have plenty of options when it comes to monitoring the resource […]


Taskplay: media controls for the Windows Taskbar

Taskplay is a free open source program for Microsoft Windows devices that enables you to control media playback from the Windows Taskbar. Windows users have one, and often several, options when it […]

tray status

TrayStatus: Caps Lock and other information on Windows taskbar

TrayStatus is a free and commercial software for Windows that highlights the Caps Lock status, and other information, on the Windows taskbar. The Caps Lock and Num Lock keys on a computer […]


TranslucentTB make Windows Taskbar transparent

TranslucentTB is a free open source program for devices running Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system that makes the Windows Taskbar transparent when run. The Windows Taskbar is one of the central locations […]

duplicate icons taskbar

Fix duplicate icon issues on the Windows taskbar

The improved taskbar that Microsoft introduced in Windows 7 was a welcome change to many users. It supported the pinning of programs to the taskbar so that they could be opened from […]

taskbar buttons

Modify the Windows taskbar to show icons for each program instance individually

Microsoft changed the way the taskbar works in Windows 7. Among the many changes were options to pin programs and files to the taskbar to improve their accessibility on the system. Part […]

windows taskbar separator

Add separators to the Windows taskbar

The modification options that Microsoft added to the taskbar in Windows 7 improved significantly how I work on Windows machines that run Windows 7 or newer versions of the operating system. The […]

taskbar pinner

Taskbar Pinner: pin anything to the Windows Taskbar

Microsoft introduced an update to the taskbar of the Windows operating system in Windows 7. Major improvements included the ability to pin programs permanently on the taskbar for faster access and the […]

pokki interface

Pokki, Apps, Services, Features In Your Windows Taskbar

I held back on reviewing Pokki for a long time. That was probably not the best of ideas considering that it is one of those rare gems that you stumble upon from […]

windows taskbar large icons

Reduce The Height Of The Windows Taskbar

If you run a low resolution monitor, use a laptop or other mobile device you know that screen estate is of premium value. This is actually the main reason why browser developers […]

windows taskbar fix

Fix Pinned Items Opening As New Icons On Windows Taskbar

Windows 7 users can pin programs, files and folders to the taskbar for an easier way to interact with the items. Pinned items are always shown in the taskbar, regardless whether they […]

drive windows 7 taskbar

How To Place Drives on the Windows Taskbar

Only specific programs can be pinned to the Windows Taskbar by default; there is no option to pin files, folders or drives to it. We have already demonstrated how to pin files […]

Windows Taskbar Software Taskix

Microsoft is aiding new features to the Windows 7 taskbar. One of the features is the ability to move taskbar items around on the taskbar easily. Not every user might find it […]

auto-hide windows taskbar

Restore Windows Taskbar Auto-hide

I have experienced a problem with the auto-hide feature of the Windows Taskbar for the last two weeks or so. Auto-hide would work fine for some time but eventually the Windows Taskbar […]

Change Order Of Windows Taskbar Items

To be honest I never quite understood why someone would want to change the order of the items that are displayed in the Windows Taskbar but I guess demand is there for […]

push to show

Display Windows Taskbar only when key is pressed

It is possible to set the Windows Taskbar to autohide if the mouse is not in the area. It will automatically appear again if you move the mouse in the area of […]

Some Windows Taskbar Tweaks

The Windows taskbar is not only useful for showing which programs and folders are currently active on your system but can also he customized to store permanent shortcuts to applications and folders as well as links to Internet websites. I would like to show you how to configure your taskbar to add your favorite websites as well as links to your most commonly used applications and folders to it.

falcon center icons windows 10 taskbar

Center Windows 10 Taskbar icons and Start button with Falcon

Falcon is a free program for Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system that you may use to center icons and the Start button on the taskbar. While you can make some modifications to […]