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Sites may detect the local IP address in browsers supporting WebRTC

Whenever you connect to sites on the Internet information about the connection and the underlying system are available to the site automatically. Information include the web browser and version used to connect, […]

lookup skype ip

Skype Reveals Remote and Local IP Address Of All Online Users

If you are a user of the messaging software Skype, you know that you can see the location of your contacts in the Skype interface. What you probably do not know is […]

ip seizer

Check For Used Local IP Addresses To Avoid Network Conflicts

When you connect two or more computer systems to a local network you need to make sure to assign unique local IP addresses to all computer systems to avoid conflicts. Conflicts may […]

steam remote play settings

Play local multiplayer games on Steam over the Internet with Remote Play Together

Remote Play Together is a new feature of the Steam gaming client that unlocks capabilities to play local multiplayer games with friends over the Internet. Valve Software launched Remote Play Together in […]

mega chrome extensions

Mega's Chrome app improves security by loading JavaScript locally

While I do not trust Mega or any other file hosting or synchronization service that stores data on their own servers, at least not when it comes to important data in unencrypted […]


MultiScan, Scan Local Files With Multiple Antivirus Programs

The idea to scan files with multiple antivirus engines is not new, online portals such as Virustotal offer that feature for quite some time. If you look at desktop applications you notice […]


MirrorCreator, Upload Local Or Remote Files To Multiple File Hosters

File hosts offer storage capacities on the Internet for users who do not have their own storage space, for instance by running a website, and for users who prefer to host files […]

Download Wikipedia With Okawix To Access The Data Locally

Wikipedia is a popular online encyclopedia that is used by most users to get a quick overview on a certain topic. Wikipedia and its sister websites like Wikimedia or Wikiquotes can not […]

Three Local Firefox Search Tips

Firefox users have an almost unmanageable number of add-ons, bookmarklets, user scripts and other tools at their disposal that improve search in one way or another. Most options on the other hand […]

Local Rodeo Protects Firefox From JavaScript Malware

Keeping up with all the different attack vectors is like the protagonist of Cervante's famous novel Don Quixote. New threats are emerging on a daily basis while protections seem to remain stagnant […]

apache server

Install Wikipedia Locally

I theoretically mentioned the fact that it was possible, and in fact quite easy, to install Wikipedia locally which has several advantages but also one disadvantage. Advantages should be clear; You do not need a net connection to access the Wikipedia contents, you can distribute the solution to as many computers as you want and you can make it available in a local area network.

firefox ccleaner delete files

Firefox users beware: CCleaner wipes Firefox extension settings by default

Firefox users who run the temporary file cleaner CCleaner on their systems may have noticed that extension settings are removed after running the program. The issue affects all recent versions of CCleaner […]

Save URLs copied to the clipboard with Portable Bookmarks for Windows

Save URLs copied to the clipboard with Portable Bookmarks for Windows

Many users save their favorite sites as bookmarks to preserve them and access them quickly. Though I prefer visual bookmarks (speed-dials), I maintain my bookmarks by organizing them into folders. An advantage […]

behave warn port scans browser

Behave for Chrome and Firefox warns you of port scans and local attacks

Behave! is a new browser extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox that is designed to inform its users when sites misbehave by performing port scans or access private IP addresses. The […]

windows home local users-and groups management

Run Local User and Group Management on Windows Home devices

Some Windows features are reserved to specific editions of the operating system. Home editions are usually the editions with the least features; features such as Group Policy, Bitlocker device encryption, support for […]


Thunderspy: find out whether your device is vulnerable to (local) Thunderbolt security issues

Security researcher Björn Ruytenberg published a security analysis of the Thunderbolt protocol on April 17, 2020 entitled "Breaking Thunderbolt Protocol Security: Vulnerability Report". He discovered several security vulnerabilities in the Thunderbolt protocol […]

Adobe Photoshop turns 30 (your chance to win a 1-year subscription)

  Our team is always looking for things we think our readers will value. We have received compensation for publishing this article. The first version of Adobe Photoshop was released on February […]

Ksnip is a cross-platform, open source screenshot tool with many annotation options

Ksnip is a cross-platform, open source screenshot tool with many annotation options

Ksnip is a cross-platform, open source screenshot tool with many annotation options. It's available for Windows, Linux and macOS systems. The program starts up with a mini-interface that just has the menu […]