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Web Browser Memory Usage Benchmark Gets It All Wrong

Web browser memory usage might not be that much of an issue in these days with Gigabytes of computer memory being build into modern computer systems. There is however the low end market that is fueled by the success of netbooks and other low end hardware. A memory usage test of popular web browser might […]

Install Google Chrome on Linux (and why you should)

So the developers of Google Chrome have released a "developer only" version of Chrome saying you should NOT install it unless you are a developer. They warn you short of saying that the developer release of Google Chrome will ruin your love life, steal your cash, and flirt with your mother. With this warning I […]

One Step Closer To Extension Support In Google Browser

One of the things that is keeping the Google browser from attracting a larger audience is missing extension support. While it is without doubt possible to work with a web browser that does not support extensions, it is not quite as comfortable - and sometimes secure - as it could be. The majority of experienced […]

5 Google Browser Tips

Google Chrome - or its Open Source counterpart Chromium - is a relatively new web browser developed by Google. It combines several interesting features and ideas that other Internet browsers do not offer at this point in time. It lacks features on the other hand that other browsers offer. This article will examine five interesting […]

Opera Internet Browser Search Edit

The Opera Internet browser comes with several search engines pre-installed that you can access from one of the toolbars. It offers a quick option to search using the default search engine or a secondary engine installed in the browser. Update: Opera has moved to a different browser engine -- Chromium -- recently. This means that […] Feed List

This is a list of the most important RSS News Feeds that are available at They are just a selection of the available feeds. It is practically possible to create feeds on the fly by appending /feed/ to the url of the page, e.g. the feed for the main page would be, […]

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Google Chrome Adblocker

Google Chrome does not come with an option to block Internet ads. Many think that this has been a deliberate choice by the Google development team to avoid harming Google's core businesses Adsense and Adwords. Whatever the reason it surely means that the web browser is unattractive to those users who prefer to block ads […]

Get Vertical Titlebars in E16 Themes

I bet you didn't know that you could change the placement of your Enlightenment titlebars. Although not necessarily pracitical, it does make for some impressive desktops, and it allows you to quickly differentiate between windows. Say, for example you have aterm and rxvt both open and are using one for admin work and one for […]

Share Bookmarks

Many users have to work with several web browsers. Could be that they are webmasters who have to check the design of their websites in the most popular browsers or because they have to use a different browser at work than they use at home. There are more possible scenarios why someone would use more […]


Google Chrome gets userscript support

One of the elementary things that the Google browser is missing is support for some kind of plugins or extensions system that Firefox has been supporting for a long time. Google announced plans to support an extension API in later builds of the web browser but it currently lacks that support and that could be […]

Google Chrome Backup

The amount of applications, tweaks and tips released for Google's first web browser Chrome is increasing daily which can be somewhat attributed to the media coverage it received during the launch phase. The attention it receives is still surprising if you consider its mediocre market share of sub 1% of the browser market even with […]

Google Chrome Anonymizer

Google Chrome is using a client id variable in the file Local State which can be found in the user data folder of the Chrome installation. This identification number is unique for every Chrome installation. Privacy advocates are already warning users that the id can be used to create exact user profiles of a user's […]

Remove notifications for blocked popups in Opera

The build in Opera popup blocker notifies the user every time that it blocked a popup successfully resulting in a small notification overlay in the top right corner of the screen. While this might be useful under certain circumstances it becomes quickly annoying especially for web savvy users who know their way around the web.