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Chrome Does Not Play Well With Outdated Graphics Card Drivers

PC gamers know that they need to update their graphics card drivers frequently to improve performance, compatibility and stability. Not everyone is a gamer though and there are users who have never […]

chrome beta javascript

Google Chrome Beta Update Brings Speed, Security Improvements

Yesterday's update of the Google Chrome Beta browser brought several exciting additions to the Internet browser that users of the dev and canary builds enjoyed for some time. The beta channel version […]

Blog from your desktop with GNOME Blog

With my on-going search for making my life ever-easier, I have turned to using smaller applications to keep my readers and fans informed. This can get to be an overwhelming problem when […]

google chrome

Where Can I Download The Different Google Chrome Builds?

Did you know that Google alone is releasing four different versions of the Google Chrome browser regularly? And that is not even counting the Chromium releases that make up the core of […]

Google Ditches H.264 Support In Google Chrome

The HTML5 web video wars are heating up again, this time with news that Google announced to remove support for the h.264 codec from the Chrome browser in the next couple months. […]

opera snap links

Opera Snap Links, Another Useful Extension Ported

The introduction of extensions in Opera 11 and the release of Opera 11 final has seen an increase in third party development for the web browser. Popular browser extensions, like the Last […]

Absolutely beautiful desktop with PClinuxOS E17 edition

I have been a fan of Enlightenment for a long, long time. It's one of the most elegant desktops available today. But not only is it elegant looking, it's a joy to […]

opera cache directory

How To Change The Opera Cache Directory

Update: With Opera switching to Chromium just like Google Chrome, the method below is no longer working. To change the cache of Opera 15 or newer, you need to add the startup […]

chrome cache location size

How To Change Google Chrome's Cache Location And Size

Did you know that there is no setting in the graphical user interface of the Google Chrome browser to change the location and size of the cache? I searched up and down […]

Firefox, What I Would Like To See

Firefox is my default web browser, which can be mainly attributed to its amazing add-on support and customization options. But other browsers have emerged (Chrome) or improved to a point that Firefox […]

google chrome 7

Google Chrome Dev Hits Version 7

The Chromium developers have really redefined versioning at least when it comes to their web browser. The browser that made its first appearance in 2008 has now reached version 7 in the […]

Google Chrome Extensions Gallery Gets Developer Signup Fee

A recent post on the Chromium blog revealed two changes coming to the Google Chrome Extensions Gallery. Both changes are introduced to increase the efforts made so far to protect Chrome users […]

chrome side tabs

Enable Side Tabs In Google Chrome

All the talking about sidebar tabs today in Firefox reminded me that I wanted to write about a similar feature in Google Chrome, to be more precise in the Google Chrome dev […]

Re-conquer Konqueror with Rekonq

How many browsers does an operating system really need? If you are looking from the outside in at the Linux operating system you would think it needed plenty of browsers. Firefox, Opera, […]

Add these handy bash aliases for efficiency

"In the beginning was the command line" is not the just name of a great book by Neil Stephensen (read the text here), but a way of life for many Linux users. […]

chrome web apps

Google Chrome Web Apps, What Are They?

If you follow popular tech blogs like Techcrunch or Download Squad you may have noticed teaser posts about Google Chrome Web Apps, a new feature that the Chromium and Google Chrome developers […]

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Plugin Security Changes Coming To Google Chrome

Integration of the Flash plugin and a native PDF reader in Google Chrome has been a controversial move. Some users liked the idea as it allowed them to access contents without having […]

chrome internal pdf

Google Chrome Dev Gets Native PDF Plugin

The Google Chrome developers integrated a native Flash plugin in the web browser less than three months ago. This internal plugin improved the traditional browser plugin model. Most noteworthy from a user's […]