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WeatherMate forecast weekly

Get the latest weather updates on your desktop with WeatherMate

Planning on going out soon? Why not check the weather before you do?WeatherMate is a freeware tool that displays weather updates on your desktop. The program starts with New York as the […]

Settings about control panel

System Control Panel applet redirects to Settings app in latest Windows 10 build

Microsoft released a new Insider build to the Fast Ring last week that introduced the redesigned Start Menu to testers. Another change highlighted in the official Windows Experience blog post describes how […]

windows 10 start new

Latest Windows 10 Insider build features the redesigned Start menu

Microsoft released a new preview build of Windows 10 to the Insider channel on July 1, 2020. The new build features the previously announced redesign of the Windows 10 Start menu. The […]

spydish windows 10 feature updates block

Latest Spydish can now prevent the installation of major Windows 10 updates

The latest version of the Windows application Spydish introduces support for preventing Windows Update to offer and install new feature updates on the device. Spydish is a relatively new program for Windows […]

google chrome hide full address

Google to test simplified domain display in Chrome

Google Chrome users may soon see only the domain name in the web browser's address bar instead of the full page address. Google published several development bugs on the Chromium website that […]

lenovo compatible windows 10 2004

Dell and Lenovo publish list of tested devices compatible with Windows 10 version 2004

How do you find out if a particular device is compatible with Microsoft's latest version of Windows 10, Windows 10 version 2004 or the May 2020 update? While you could give it […]

cloudflare speed test

Cloudflare's Speed Test promises better performance insights

Cloudflare launched Speed Test some time ago; it is an online service that tests various networking related parameters such as the download speed, latency, or jitter. Speed tests are a dime a […]

brave together

Brave launches Brave Together video calling in latest Nightly version

The makers of the Brave web browser announced the launch of a "private and unlimited video calling service" in Brave called Brave Together on May 26, 2020. The service is based on […]

vivaldi customize menus

Latest Vivaldi browser snapshot lets you customize menus

Vivaldi Technologies released a new snapshot of the company's Vivaldi web browser; the company introduces options to customize menus of the browser in this version. The Vivaldi web browser is certainly a […]

windows 10 dns over https

How to enable and test DNS over HTTPS on Windows 10 devices

Microsoft revealed plans to integrate DNS over HTTPS in Windows 10 in November 2019. DNS over HTTPS encrypts DNS lookups to improve privacy, security and reliability of the connection. Most devices that […]

chrome tab groups collapse new

Google tests Tab Groups Collapse option in Chrome

Google added a new tab grouping functionality to the company's Chrome web browser last week as an experimental feature. Experimental means that the feature is in testing and that Google plans to […]

print test page windows

Print.Test.Page.OK is an alternative Test Page print program for Windows

Print.Test.Page.OK is a tiny program for Microsoft Windows devices that provides alternate means to print test pages on the system. Test page printing is usually done to verify that printers are set […]

firefox private relay

Firefox Private Relay is Mozilla's latest experimental service

Firefox Private Relay is a new experimental service by Firefox maker Mozilla; the (currently) invite-only service is designed to reduce unwanted emails and spam by acting as a proxy email service of […]

windows powertoys auto-update

Microsoft integrates auto-updating into latest PowerToys release

Microsoft revealed some time ago that it was working on an open source revival of the company's classic PowerToys collection of tools. The current version of PowerToys, still at version 0.17.0 at […]

gog group games

Latest Gog Galaxy Update brings subscription management

Gog's Galaxy 2.0 client is still in beta officially but that is not keeping the company from introducing more and more features in the gaming client. The April 2020 update, called Theia, […]

shellbagsview multiple folders

Change multiple Explorer folder View modes with latest ShellBagsView for Windows

ShellBagsView is a long-standing portable application by Nirsoft for Microsoft Windows devices to check and modify the view mode of folders in Explorer. We mentioned ShellBagView twice here on Ghacks, first in […]

steam-tags search query expansion

Latest Steam Labs experiment improves Steam Search further

Valve improved search on the Steam gaming platform this year when it rolled out new search filters and functionality that it launched as one of Steam Labs experiments initially. The company added […]

windefthreatsview nirsoft

Nirsoft's latest tool helps you manage Windows Defender Threats in bulk

WinDefThreatsView is a new freeware tool for Microsoft's Windows 10 and 8.1 operating systems by Nirsoft that assists administrators in managing threats detected by the operating system's built-in antivirus protection Windows Defender […]