openstreetmap directions

A first look at OpenStreetMap's new directions feature

Whenever I need to go somewhere where I have never been before I look up the location on various map services available on the Internet. I like the directions feature that most […]


Foursquare Ditches Google Maps, Goes Open With OpenStreetMap

You may remember that Google some time ago announced that they would start to charge for Google Map api calls above a certain level (see Google Introduces Google Maps Api Limits). Usage […]

Use and make free, as in beer and freedom, maps with OpenStreetMap

Hundreds of websites offer mapping services, which highlight roads, railways, streets and scores of other things. Most of these sites charge for commercial use of their data and almost certainly won't allow […]

qwant maps

Qwant Maps: open source Google Maps alternative launches

Qwant, the French search engine that respects users privacy, has launched a beta version of Qwant Maps, a, you guessed it, privacy respecting mapping service. Qwant Maps is an open source project […]

duckduckgo map search

DuckDuckGo Search switches mapping to Apple Maps

Privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo announced yesterday that the search engine's map and address related searches and functions are now powered by Apple's MapKit JS framework. The new functionality is live already for […]


Avoid Google Maps with GNOME Maps on GNU/Linux

So, it’s not really any secret nowadays, that Google saves pretty well anything you ever do using their services. It’s also no secret nowadays, that many people try and avoid using Google […]


OpenStreetView launches

OpenStreetView is a free crowd-sourced service by OpenStreetMap that offers street imagery that users of the service push to it while using it. OpenStreetMap is an open source alternative to Google Maps, […]

thunderbird 45.0

Thunderbird 45.0 has been released

Mozilla has released an update to the desktop email client Thunderbird that brings the version of the program to Thunderbird 45.0. It is a major update of the application which has been […]


Access offline maps while abroad with for Android

This is the second part of a little travel apps series that concentrates on applications that provide offline functionality. The first part was about XE Currency, a free offline currency converter for […]


Yahoo shuts down Pipes, Maps and other services

Yahoo Inc. announced the shut down of several company products including Yahoo Maps and Pipes yesterday. Yahoo Pipes, which we first covered back in 2008 here on Ghacks, is one of the […]

google maps classic

Google to switch all users to the new Google Maps

Google community manager Abby announced on the official Google Maps forum yesterday that the company will move all users of Google Maps to the new version of the product soon. The same […]

Google Maps Offline Viewer

We have reviewed several applications in the past that allow you to download Google Maps for offline use. To name a few: Google Map Buddy, Offline Maps or Google Map Saver among […]

Can we rely on Google: the alternatives

Apparently, Wikipedia, the BBC, gHacks and the White House are malware. Well, there were for about 30 minutes. Google decided to claim that they 'may harm your computer', no doubt due to […]