Google Chrome redesign

How to disable the new Google Chrome 2023 design temporarily

Google is rolling out the Chrome 2023 design refresh to more and more users. You may notice that the design is more colorful and that you can select different themes that range […]

How to disable reactions in FaceTime on iOS 17, iPadOS 17 and macOS 14

How to disable reactions in FaceTime on iOS, iPadOS and macOS

Over the past weekend, a rather unusual story began turning heads. It was about how iPhone, Mac and iPad users were finding themselves embarrassed by the reactions during FaceTime calls. One of […]

Windows 11 lockscreen ad

How to disable Lock Screen ads on Windows 11

Microsoft displays a lot of promotions and advertisement in its Windows 11 operating system. The lock screen is but one of the locations that Microsoft uses to display promotions to users of […]

iOS 17 is turning sensitive location settings on, here is how to disable them

iOS 17 is turning sensitive location settings on, here is how to disable them

iOS 17 was released a week ago. While its new features are impressive, it turns out that the update has enabled sensitive locations on iPhones. This could affect the privacy of users. […]

How to disable Windows Copilot in Windows

The next feature update for Windows 11 is just around the corner, and with it comes Windows Copilot. In this guide, we explain how you can turn off Windows Copilot entirely. Most […]

How to disable Android's new Ads Privacy features

Google Android users may see a new message after the installation of updates that informs them that new ads privacy features are available. Google claims that the new features improve user privacy […]

New Android features

Android: how to disable 2G cellular connections to improve security

Google Android users may (soon) disable 2G cellular connections on their devices thanks to a recently integrated feature. The option is designed to harden network security on Android by disabling 2G functionality […]

How to disable Firefox's Search Terms in the address bar feature

Firefox users who run searches from the browser's address bar may have noticed that the browser displays the entered search term and not the address of the search engine on the search […]

How to disable stock price information on Windows 11's taskbar

Windows 11's Widget icon is displayed prominently on the Windows 11 taskbar. It is the only icon that is displayed on the left side on the taskbar, while all other icons, including […]

How to disable pop-up blocker on iPhone

Pop-up blockers are a great way to protect your privacy and security while browsing the web. They prevent websites from opening new windows or tabs in the background, which can be used […]

How to disable "Create Event" popups in Windows 11

If you are using Microsoft's Windows 11 operating system, you may have received Create Event popups when copying content to the Clipboard. I recently noticed the behavior while copying content in WordPress, […]

How to disable Microsoft Edge's Workspaces feature

Microsoft unveiled Workspaces for Microsoft Edge earlier this month. The company launched Workspaces as a limited preview in the web browser, but all users of Edge may enable the feature already, as […]

How to disable Siri suggestions on your iPhone

How to disable Siri suggestions on your iPhone

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you may be aware how iOS offers suggestions from time to time, on your home screen and lock screen. These tips can be of various […]

youtube glow videos

How to disable YouTube's new Ambient Mode playback feature

Google announced the rollout of a new design on its YouTube website today. After gathering input from "thousands of viewers around the world", Google decided to give YouTube a "cleaner, more lively […]

microsoft edge visual search

How to disable the Visual Search icon in Microsoft Edge

If you are using Microsoft's Edge web browser, you may have noticed that the browser displays a small icon over any image that you hover the mouse over. The feature, called Visual […]

We take a closer look at Suggested Actions in Windows 11

We take a closer look at Suggested Actions in Windows 11, and show you how to disable it

Microsoft released Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25115 to the Dev Channel. It introduced a new feature called Suggested Actions. Microsoft showcased it with two screenshots. We take a closer look at […]

chrome media key handling

How to disable media keys support in Google Chrome

Google Chrome supports media keys on some operating systems; this enables users to press hardware media keys, usually on the device's keyboard, to control media playback in the Chrome browser. Chrome users […]

network captive portal service enabled

How to disable Firefox's Captive Portal test connection on startup

Mozilla's Firefox web browser tests on startup whether the network connection that is used requires a login; this is common when a device is connected to a public hotspot, e.g., when using […]

How to disable Search Highlights on Windows 10

Windows 10 devices will soon get the new Search highlights feature that Microsoft introduced in recent Windows 11 Insider builds as well. Search highlights has been pushed to the Windows 10 Release […]

How to Disable Microsoft Defender Antivirus in Windows 11

Microsoft Defender Antivirus is the default antivirus solution of Microsoft's Windows 11 operating system. It is turned on by default, unless another security solution is installed that is recognized by the operating […]

edge strict tracking prevention

Transparent Ads in Microsoft Edge, and how to disable them

Microsoft introduced a new feature that it calls Transparent Ads in the latest Microsoft Edge Canary build. Transparent Ads are designed "to raise the bra no transparency and control with new privacy […]

How to disable the Microsoft Office 2021 Start Screen

When you load a Microsoft Office 2021 application, its Start Screen is displayed by default. The Start Screen displays available templates and the last documents you worked with while using the application. […]

firefox suggest

How to disable Firefox Suggest

Firefox Suggest, a new feature of the Firefox web browser that is introducing custom search and sponsored suggestions in the browser's address bar, is included in Firefox 92 Stable, at least for […]

How to disable the Weather widget from the Windows 10 Taskbar

How to disable the Weather widget from the Windows 10 Taskbar

Microsoft released the KB5003637 Windows Update on Tuesday. It brings various security fixes, which you can read about in Martin's article. I let my computer update to the latest patch yesterday before […]

firefox disable javascript in pdf

How to disable JavaScript in PDF documents in Firefox

Mozilla released Firefox 88 last month. The security and feature update for the organization's Firefox web browser introduced a major change in the native PDF viewer of the browser. Up until now, […]

google chrome tab preview

How to disable Chrome's Tab Image Previews

Google has been working on new tab preview functionality in the company's Chrome web browser for quite some time. Chrome displays the page title and URL in a card currently when you […]

firefox sponsored top sites

How to disable Sponsored Top Sites in the Firefox web browser

Some Firefox users noticed over the weekend that the browser listed "sponsored" links in the browser's address bar and on the New Tab page. The links, clearly marked as sponsored by Mozilla, […]

programmable taskbar

How to disable Windows 10's Programmable Taskbar feature

Microsoft revealed a new feature that it called Programmable Taskbar back in July when it released Build 20161 to the Windows Insider Dev channel. The basic idea behind the feature was to […]

windows 10 search history

How to disable the display of recent searches in Windows 10's Search Box

When you run a search on Windows 10, you can do so using the Start Menu or the dedicated search box if it is displayed. Both search options use the same Windows […]

windows-10-web search start

How to disable Bing Search in Windows 10 version 2004 and newer

When Microsoft launched its Windows 10 operating system in 2015, it merged the local search functionality with the digital assistant Cortana and also Bing Search. Cortana has since been revamped completely and […]

microsoft edge link doctor

What is Microsoft Edge's Link Doctor feature, and how to disable it

Microsoft released Microsoft Edge 83, a new stable version of its Chromium-based web browser last week. The new major version of Edge introduced several new and interesting features including extension synchronization and […]

opera browser assistant

What is Opera Browser Assistant and how to disable it?

If you have a version of the Opera web browser installed on your devices there is a chance that Opera Browser Assistant is running. Additionally, you may also notice, at least on […]

disable autoplay videos in Telegram Desktop program

How to disable autoplay videos in Telegram Desktop

Autoplaying videos are one of the biggest annoyances on the Internet. Nobody likes a loud, blaring, noisy video to play unexpectedly. Sadly, many websites think it's cool to have them. I have […]

your windows 7 pc is out of support

How to disable the "Your Windows 7 PC is out of support" full screen popup

Microsoft plans to inform users of the company's Windows 7 operating system on January 15, 2020 that support for the system ended. The company wants to display a full screen popup on […]

turn off ok google android

How to disable OK Google and Google Assistant on Android devices

Many Android devices come with Google applications and services, even if the device is not a device created by Google itself but by another company. Google Assistant is available as a standalone […]

get even more out of windows

How to disable "Get even more out of Windows" on Windows 10

Windows 10 may display a "Get even more out of Windows" prompt occasionally that displays additional services that users may set up. The prompt may be displayed on the first start of […]

Email signature in Avast Free Antivirus 2

How to disable the email signature in Avast Free Antivirus

People often ask me which antivirus I recommend, and while I suggest Windows Defender (and uBlock Origin) for most people on Windows 10, I have wondered how other programs fare. Earlier this […]

Twitter old design vs new

How to disable Twitter's new interface and get the old design back

When websites that you have grown accustomed to for years suddenly change their design, it often gets confusing. You have to re-learn how to use it which is quite a chore. Twitter, […]

chrome image suggestions

How to disable search suggestion images in Google Chrome

Google released Google Chrome 75 on June 5, 2019 for all supported operating systems. Some Chrome users who upgraded the web browser to the new version noticed that Google is adding images […]

disable detach firefox tabs

How to disable accidental tab detaching in Firefox

For some time now I have experienced quite the frustrating experience when using the Firefox web browser. I have a couple of sites pinned to the Firefox tab bar and every now […]