Apple Vision Pro headset is introduced as a "spatial computer"

Kerem Gülen
Jun 6, 2023
Updated • Jun 6, 2023

After years of speculation, Apple has officially unveiled the Vision Pro, its highly anticipated foray into the realms of virtual reality and augmented reality. Touted as the world's first "spatial computer," this groundbreaking headgear introduces users to a new dimension of technological immersion. Powering this innovation is visionOS, a fresh operating system designed specifically for the Vision Pro.

Apple Vision Pro headset specs

One of the key features of the headset is its remarkable display system, which comprises two micro OLED screens, each measuring a mere postage stamp in size. Collectively, these screens boast an impressive 23 million pixels, surpassing the visual quality offered by conventional 4K televisions for each eye. To enhance visual fidelity, custom catadioptric lenses have been incorporated, ensuring unparalleled sharpness, clarity, and color reproduction. This combination of cutting-edge technology aims to deliver jaw-dropping experiences characterized by vivid colors and an expansive range of tonal gradations.

Image courtesy of Apple

Recognizing the diverse visual needs of users, Apple has also addressed the issue of visual clarity and eye tracking precision. To cater to individuals requiring additional visual assistance, the Vision Pro will offer Zeiss Optical Inserts. These inserts serve to improve visual acuity and ensure precise eye tracking, further enhancing the overall immersive experience for users.

The Vision Pro headset utilizes a unique dual-core variant of Apple's M2 chipset, along with a newly developed R1 chip that manages input from 12 cameras, 5 sensors, and 6 microphones. With an impressive speed of 12 milliseconds, or 8 times faster than the blink of an eye, the R1 chip swiftly updates the displays with fresh visuals, ensuring that content is always in the user's field of view.

To offer extended usage options, the headset can operate without being connected to a power source for an entire workday. Alternatively, users can utilize the included "high-performance" bespoke portable battery pack to power the device for up to two hours.

In terms of security and convenience, the Vision Pro incorporates Optic ID, an innovative authentication technology that analyzes the user's iris. This allows users to unlock the Vision Pro using their retina, providing a safe and reliable method of authentication.

The visionOS user interface is designed to be navigated solely through the user's eyes, hands, and voice. Users have the ability to use eye movements, finger gestures, and wrist motions to navigate apps, and they can even make selections and dictate text using their voice.

Image courtesy of Apple

Apple's EyeSight technology creates a transparent effect on the headset, allowing others to see your eyes and vice versa when someone approaches while you're wearing it. This feature provides visual cues to indicate your engagement, whether immersed in an environment or using an app.

The new visionOS App Store grants access to a wide range of iOS apps compatible with the Vision Pro's advanced input system. Users can make FaceTime calls with participants displayed as life-size tiles and experience Spatial Audio to enhance the perception of their actual locations.

The Vision Pro's "Persona" feature tracks the user's face and hands in real-time during calls. This enables multitasking, such as watching a movie, viewing pictures, or working on a presentation simultaneously.

visionOS introduces a dynamic 3D interface that enables apps to be displayed side by side in various scales, complemented by support for the Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad. This wireless setup seamlessly integrates the capabilities of a Mac into the Vision Pro headset, providing users with a vast, portable 4K display boasting exceptionally sharp text.

Image courtesy of Apple

With its expansive screen that creates a "100 feet wide" perception, coupled with advanced Spatial Audio technology, the Vision Pro headset transforms any room into a captivating mini theater. Users can indulge in a wide selection of over a hundred Apple Arcade games, each offering high-quality graphics, immersive stereo sound, and compatibility with a range of gamepads.

The inclusion of a Digital Crown allows users to finely adjust their sense of presence and immersion within the Vision Pro. Moreover, the headset boasts Apple's first-ever 3D camera, enabling users to capture and relive their cherished memories in remarkable detail, accompanied by Spatial Audio. With full-resolution access to all photos and videos via iCloud, users can enjoy panoramic images that extend and wrap around them when viewed on an iPhone, creating an immersive experience that brings the scene to life.

The Apple Vision Pro headset showcases an elegant design with curved glass seamlessly blending into a custom aluminum alloy frame, thoughtfully crafted to conform to the contours of the user's face. The adjustable Light Seal, constructed with soft textile material, ensures a comfortable fit for a wide range of head sizes and shapes, while the flexible straps keep sound confined to the proximity of the ears. The Head Band, secured with a user-friendly mechanism, allows for easy interchangeability of sizes and styles. The standard option is a three-dimensional knitted unit that offers padding, breathability, and elasticity for enhanced comfort.

Pricing and release date

Apple Vision Pro is set to launch in the United States in the early months of the upcoming year, with a price tag of $3,499. Following its initial release, the availability of the headset will gradually expand to other countries, commencing in 2024.


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