Top 5 AI art generators: DALL-E 2 and more (2023)

Onur Demirkol
Mar 30, 2023

Artificial intelligence is becoming more popular, and we see it almost in every aspect of our daily lives, especially during work hours. Most people use the help of AI tools for writing blog posts or creating images. Today, we will give you the top 5 AI art generators that you can use to generate impressive images. You could use these images on the internet for work purposes or do it for fun!


The world of art is constantly evolving, and the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in creating art is a prime example of this. AI art generators have become increasingly popular in recent years, offering artists and creators an innovative tool to enhance their creative process. But what exactly are AI art generators, and what are they used for? Let's begin by explaining what they are used for and continue by providing you with the best tools!

Top 5 AI art generators: What are they used for?

AI art generators are computer programs that use artificial intelligence algorithms to create images or artwork. They are designed to mimic the creative process of human artists and allow users to create unique works of art without artistic skills or experience. You can use these tools in different areas, like creating unique artwork for social media or your blog, to create brand and marketing materials, and the list goes on.



DALL-E 2 is the first candidate on our top 5 AI art generators list, the second version of the initial project, DALL-E. Developed by OpenAI, DALL-E 2 uses one of the most advanced technologies of today's AI world and can help you create impressive and realistic images through text-based prompts. It is very easy to use. Once you log in with your OpenAI account, a text box will appear, and write whatever you want the AI tool to generate.

"DALL·E 2 can create original, realistic images and art from a text description. It can combine concepts, attributes, and styles," says OpenAI.

It generates four 1024x1024 variations according to your prompts and lets you choose whichever you want to use. After you click the one you want to use, it gives you four options; Edit, Variations, Save, and Share. Choose whichever applies to your needs. Besides, the images it generates are four times better than its predecessor. The application also saves your previous prompts; you can access them in the side panel on the right side of your screen. If you are new to the AI art generator world, DALL-E 2 is one of the best options for you!



Midjourney has improved its technology significantly. There is an incredible difference between the V4 and V5 versions. The latest update lets you generate realistic images consisting of four variations, all in 1024x1024 size, just like DALL-E 2. It also gives you different options, like upscaling one of the four images.

Compared to other tools in this best AI art generators list, Midjourney has a little more complicated use for beginners, especially if you are unfamiliar with the communication app, Discord. Midjourney has a Discord channel that you must join to use the tool. After joining the channel, you must join one of the "Newbies" rooms and type /imagine before entering your prompt.

The better side of its use is that you can see what other people generate, and a new image appears on your screen almost every second due to its wildly high popularity. However, it might also be distracting as you will see many AI-generated images if you stare at the screen too long. After entering the prompt, you must wait a couple of seconds, sometimes minutes, for the AI tool to generate what you want.

Midjourney allows you to use 50 credits for free, but after you run out of credits, it asks you to pay for a premium subscription, which is $8 per month. It is very affordable, especially if you use it for work purposes and turn your $8 per month into a couple hundred or maybe a couple of thousand.

Dream by Wombo

Dream by Wombo

Dream's most distinct feature is its futuristic-design understanding. You can choose from different templates, but it only generates one image per prompt. Apart from using its website, you can also download its app on your phone and continue generating images on the way. It won the Best Overall App award at Google Play's best apps and games of 2022 event. You need to write a simple text-based prompt for the AI tool to work its magic.

Unfortunately, it has limited free access and asks for a subscription after some point. However, just like Midjourney, it is quite affordable, with $10 per month or $90 per year if you pay at once. You can also get a lifetime subscription with a one-time $170 fee.



Craiyon, also known as DALL-E mini, is an open-source alternative to other AI art generators in the market. Interestingly, it is not connected with OpenAI despite its name. It is totally free to use and has a very easy interface for users to get used to it quickly. It lets you generate unlimited prompts, but it is slower than others.

Besides, Craiyon is also behind other AI art generators regarding quality, but what it concentrates on is different. You don't have unlimited prompt options in other AI tools, but Craiyon will let you enter hundreds of prompts until you find the right image you are looking for.

Stable Diffusion (Stability AI)

Stable Diffusion

One of the best options for Stable Diffusion is that you can use it for free. It is not very hard to use as you can use the website to generate images. Despite being a text-to-image deep learning model, DALL-E 2 would still be considered a little easier to use. You can find Stable Diffusion on different websites, including Stability AI and the Stable Diffusion Web App.

Stable Diffusion might not produce as realistic photos compared to Midjourney; however, it is still trusted by thousands of users. The open-source project launches updates constantly to develop the tool's state and boast higher-possibility output options.


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    He has also used this to share movies to whatsapp groups, and files 1Gb+.

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