70+ Excel Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

Priyanka Monteiro
Mar 19, 2023
Updated • Mar 17, 2023
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Microsoft has some amazing tools to help improve your productivity. Excel is one of the best when it comes to handling office work. However, there are ways to improve your work in Excel and speed up your work even more. You can use these shortcuts to do just about anything - from formulating rows and columns to organizing and formatting your work. Read on to learn more about these shortcuts and take your excel skills to the next level.

Excel Shortcuts

Action Shortcut
Creating a brand new workbook Ctrl + N
Saving an existing workbook Ctrl + S
Opening the print menu Ctrl + P
Opening various Excel options Alt, F, T
Opening the right-click menu options Shift + F10
Protecting or unprotecting a workbook Alt, R, P, W
Protecting or unprotecting a worksheet Alt, R, P, S
Input and Editing
Copying data Ctrl + C
Cutting data Ctrl + X
Pasting data Ctrl + V
Opening the paste special window Ctrl + Alt + V
Undoing the last few actions Ctrl + Z
Redoing the last few actions Ctrl + Y
Copying data and formatting from the cell above Ctrl + D
Using Flash Fill Ctrl + E
Inserting the current date Ctrl + ; (Semicolon)
Inserting the current time Ctrl + Shift + : (Colon)
Navigation and Selection
Moving to a cell Arrow key
Moving to the very first cell Ctrl + Home
Moving to the last cell of the right column Ctrl + End
Moving to the very first cell in the current row Home
Moving to the edge cell within a specific region Ctrl + Arrow key
Moving one screen up or down Page up/down
Moving one screen right or left Alt + Page down/up
Moving to the next or previous sheet Ctrl + Page down/up
Selecting a cell in the chosen direction Shift + Arrow key
Selecting one screen right or left Shift + Alt + Page down/up
Selecting a row Shift + Space
Selecting a column Ctrl + Space
Selecting additional rows, columns, or cells Ctrl + Left click
Selecting the entire active worksheet Ctrl + A
Toggling the Ribbon shortcuts Alt
Navigating the Ribbon sections Alt, Arrow key
Opening the Find and Replace window Ctrl + F
Zooming in Ctrl + Alt + = (Equals)
Zooming out Ctrl + Alt + - (Minus)
Visibility and Grouping
Hiding a row Ctrl + 9
Hiding a column Ctrl + 0
Opening Group window functions Shift + Alt + Right arrow
Opening Ungroup window functions Shift + Alt + Left arrow
Tables and Graphs
Creating a table Ctrl + T
Opening the table styles window Alt, H, T
Inserting a row above Alt, H, I, R
Inserting a column to the left Alt, H, I, C
Opening the PivotTable menu Alt, N, V
Opening the PivotTable wizard Alt, D, P
Opening the Format Cells window Ctrl + 1
Applying the General number format Ctrl + Shift + ~ (Tilde)
Applying the Currency format Ctrl + Shift + $ (Dollar)
Applying the Percentage format Ctrl + Shift + % (Percent)
Applying the Scientific format Ctrl + Shift + ^ (Caret)
Applying the Date format Ctrl + Shift + # (Hash)
Applying the Time format Ctrl + Shift + @ (At)
Applying or removing bold Ctrl + B
Applying or removing italic Ctrl + I
Applying the left align Alt, H, A, L
Applying the center align Alt, H, A, C
Applying the right align Alt, H, A, R
Adjusting the row height Alt, H, O, H
Adjusting the column width Alt, H, O, W
Applying the bottom border Alt, H, B, O
Applying the top border Alt, H, B, P
Applying the left border Alt, H, B, L
Applying the right border Alt, H, B, R
Applying all borders Ctrl + Shift + & (Ampersand)
Removing all borders on selected cells Ctrl + Shift + _ (Underscore)
Opening the border menu Alt, H, B
Inserting a note Shift + F2
Formulas and Macros
Inserting the AutoSum formula Alt + = (Equal)
Expanding or collapsing the formula bar Ctrl + Shift + U
Opening the Insert function window Shift + F3
Opening the Visual Basic editor Alt + F11
Opening the Macro window Alt + F8

Excel At Excel

And there you have it - excellent shortcuts to take your excel productivity to the next level. You can pair these shortcuts with other productivity tools to finish your work faster.


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