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Sep 19, 2022
Updated • Sep 27, 2022
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The expanding gaming market has its pros and cons. On the one hand, it brings you a variety of opportunities to choose from. On the other hand, it is a matter of recycling good products worth one’s attention from, frankly, total trash. That’s why the digital gaming marketplace for gamers Eneba offers thousands of digital choices and also takes into account the importance of examining every one of them attentively. So, this time Razer Silver&Gold take the floor!

From mouse devices to music and gaming

You might have heard the word “Razer” before, maybe seen it in a store or somewhere on the internet. Razer is older than most of us can think. Its years of foundation date back to 2005, with the main focus on gaming inventory, namely PC gaming and its peripherals. Since then, there might have been multiple occasions that you have come up with a Razer gaming laptop, keyboard, or customized headset.

Despite authentic gaming inventory – devices and accessories, after a dozen years, Razer launched a no less exciting virtual currency used across different platforms. In 2017, the company improved its agenda by stretching its omnipresence to every gaming platform and even more – reaching music with Spotify and cinema with Hulu, for instance.

Is Razer Gold an upgrade for Razer Silver users?

Not exactly. It may sound like it, though. Something that has a gold version is usually an upgrade for the silver mode. Nonetheless, with Razer, it is a little bit different.

According to the creators, Silver is a loyalty reward plan gained only through obtaining Razer Gold. So, there’s no better or worse upgrade to choose from. To simply put it, Razer Gold is the sole program you can purchase, and Silver is what you get in return – a bonus that you’re gonna get with Gold.

What to expect from Razer Gold?

A Razer Gold gift card can also become a perfect gift to someone who’s into gaming. Running late or simply lacking ideas of what to buy for Christmas, someone’s birthday, or any other special occasion? Get a gift card that will allow the receiver to choose from a wide spectrum of goods. 

Razer Gold is an opportunistic service available across 42.000 titles and extra platforms worldwide. Let’s be honest, the numbers are pretty impressive, but the content offered is no less amazing. From topping up your Spotify and Hulu to Xbox, Nintendo, and all of your favorite titles! 

Now you may ask, what’s the point in purchasing virtual currency and using it in the chosen platform instead of directly transferring money from your bank account once you need something? The answer is simple – the more you are involved – the more extras you get. Discounts, special offers, and Silver rewards – that’s what makes this service thrilling! Using Razer Gold is simpler than anyone thinks. Since it’s a currency, whenever you want to purchase something, in most platforms and games you can find Razer Gold as an option of payment. Click on it – pay and enjoy your extra benefits!

Don’t miss out on your chance to try out something new. While Razer’s gaming products have authentic, unique designs and high-tech formulas, Razer’s services are omnipresent and growing in popularity. Bearing these aspects in mind, you have to give Razer a try if it corresponds to what you’re looking for. Do it now and discover the pros yourself!


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