Why isn’t Fortnite losing its popularity?

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Sep 6, 2022
Updated • Sep 12, 2022
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Just like Fortnite changed the gaming world and keeps being the most played Battle Royale, digital marketplaces did the same for shopping. Fortnite's popularity is only growing. So are marketplaces like Eneba, where you can find low prices on everything related to Fortnite and become a part of ever-expanding online communities. But what made Fortnite so admired?

What made Fortnite so popular?

Whether you are a gamer or not, you have most definitely heard about Fortnite in one way or another. The game has become a global phenomenon whose influences can be felt in movies, TV shows, and even sporting events. Its Floss dance made into the superhero movie Shazam! and was even performed by various soccer players. But what made the cartoony game such a success?

It’s free!

Many factors contributed to Fortnite’s success. One of them is that the game is free-to-play on all platforms. It costs nothing to download and begin playing. The game is available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch free of charge. However, players who want to enhance their experience and express their personality buy various cosmetic items.

Breaking the boundaries

Another factor that increased the game’s appeal was opening the game's borders to cross-platform gaming. It means that players on PC can play together with their friends who have Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. It was Fortnite that actually pushed stubborn Sony executives to embrace cross-platform play, paving the path for the feature on PlayStation consoles.

The always-evolving world

The game’s world is constantly changing and evolving. It offers new attractions and activities, introduces pets, and even boasts live performances. Many live events have taken place in Fortnite, from live concerts to various cataclysms. Who knows what Fortnite players can expect next? One thing is certain, the game’s popularity is only growing.

The freedom to be yourself

The last, and probably the most important aspect that keeps gamers engaged and constantly coming back is the variety of Fortnite skins. Believe it or not, the customization options and the ability to play as licensed characters keep drawing in new and returning players. Fortnite’s library of skins has reached uncountable numbers with characters from beloved TV shows, movies, anime, comic books, games, and even real-life celebrities. You can become Robocop, Doctor Strange, Ariana Grande or Lara Croft, just to name a couple. Even Darth Vader has joined Fortnite! Soon, we’ll be seeing Goku from Dragon Ball Z. This appeals to many gamers who can’t play as their favorite characters in other games simply because those titles haven’t been made yet.

Wide customization options are great for those who may not be brave enough to express themselves in real life, so Fortnite is providing them with a perfect platform. The best method to play as your favorite character is undoubtedly the Fortnite V-bucks gift card, which will fill your in-game wallet with the game’s currency. V-bucks can be spent on anything in the humongous Fortnite skins library. You can mix and match skins, gliders, pickaxes, and even dance moves to create your unique look and express YOU. The in-game currency can also be spent on Battle Pass, which grants many additional rewards.

Fortnite’s success is unfathomable and the game is played by people of various ages and ethnicities. Its cross-play feature is uniting gamers from all platforms and every corner of the globe, and the selection of cosmetic items appeals to those who want to express themselves even in video games.


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