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SMPlayer 16.8 ships with Playlist improvements

An update for the popular media player SMPlayer has just been released that brings the version of the multimedia player to 16.8. The major feature addition of the release is support for several new playlist-related features.

The playlist feature of the media player enables you to queue multiple audio or video streams, or to group them together for easier access.

You could for instance add all episodes of a TV show season to a playlist to have access to all of them by loading that playlist in SMPlayer.

SMPlayer users have two options to use playlists in the application. First, they may load playlists via the Open > Playlist menu. You may use it to load local playlists this way.

Second, you may use View > Playlist instead. This opens the main playlist interface, and provides you with loading and management options on top of that.

SMPlayer 16.8 Playlist improvements

smplayer internet playlist

One of the first things that you may notice when you open the playlist interface is a new load button. Next to button to load local playlists is a new one that lets you load playlists from the Internet.

Simply click on it, paste a URL into the form, and click on the ok button afterwards to load the linked playlist.

If things go well, meaning if SMPlayer detects a playlist when parsing the URL, it is opened just like any other playlist in the application (the first stream/video is played right away, all others are displayed in the playlist listing).

Internet playlists are not the only improvement though. SMPlayer 16.8's playlist interface features a new column that lists the file name or URL of the playlist.

playlist interface

You may click on any column title to sort the playlist using it. This way you may sort by length, name or file name or URL instead of the order of the playlist.

Another new feature is the option to search playlists. Simply being to type using the search field and the entries are filtered automatically based on what you have typed.

This happens in real-time, and you may correct the search term at any time or clear the form completely to start anew or display all playlist items again in the interface.

The search takes values of all columns into account which means that it picks up names, file names and URLs.

The new SMPlayer can be downloaded from the project website over on Sourceforge. It is provided as a 32-bit and 64-bit version for Windows.

SMPlayer 16.8 ships with Playlist improvements
Article Name
SMPlayer 16.8 ships with Playlist improvements
An update for the popular media player SMPlayer has just been released that brings the version of the multimedia player to 16.8.
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