Tokyoflash Japan Watches are stylish masterpieces

Martin Brinkmann
Feb 26, 2014
Updated • May 17, 2014

Watches serve two main purposes. They tell the time and date, and sometimes display other information, and also express your personal style and taste.

If you are a geek, or someone who likes techie things, then you have probably heard about Tokyoflash Japan and the watches the company manufactures before.

All Tokyoflash watches have in common that they tell the time in unique ways. Instead of using conventional ways to display the time, these watches use a variety of unique ways to do so.

Often, that means to sit back for a moment and look at the watch to figure it out. That should not keep you from buying one of those watches though, considering that you get excellent instructions with each watch so that you know exactly how it works.

Tokyoflash Japan sent me two watches, the Kisai Uzumaki Analog Watch and the Kisai Polygoon Wood watch, for testing. Both watches came well protected in stylish packaging.

The Uzumaki

tokyoflash japan uzamaki
photo by Niko Synnatzschke

The Uzumaki, which translates to whirlpool, is a limited edition analog watch that displays a spiraling vortex displaying hours in the outer ring and minutes in the inner ring, while the hand indicates the seconds.

Once you know that, it is easy to tell the time as you just have to check where the solid color -- blue in this case -- ends in the outer and inner ring to do so.

The body of the watch is made of durable stainless steel strap which comes in a reasonable size. If your wrist is small, you may have to remove some links so that it fits your wrist perfectly. It is not a light watch by any means with its 140 grams, but if you are used to stainless steel watches, that won't come as a surprise to you.

The custom acrylic lens features concentric circles that descend from the edge of the case into the center to highlight the whirlpool theme of the watch.

You set the time just like any other analog watch. Just pull the crown out and turn it in either direction to change the time. When the time is set, push the crown back in and you are all set.

Another feature of this watch is that you can illuminate the display by pressing the button of the watch. This is a cool looking effect, especially at night or in dark places.

The Uzumaki is available in three different color schemes: black and blue, silver and blue, or silver and green. Black and silver refer to the band and casing, while blue and green to the inner and outer ring colors.

What I like

  • Stylish design
  • Backlight looks great when it is dark.
  • Durable.
  • Not too difficult to tell the time.

What's missing

  • It has no date function.

The Polygon Wood LCD Watch

polygon wood lcd watch
photo by Niko Synnatzschke

This watch is special for a number of reasons. First, its case is made of dark sandalwood, something that you do not see very often when it comes to watches.

But, that pales when it comes to the display of time. It is actually not difficult at all to tell the time once you get the hang out of it. Hours are shown in the outer ring by where the two small triangles meet. Minutes on the other hand use the inner triangle to highlight minutes in groups of ten, and digits that are shown in the center of the watch that you add to it.

If you take the example on the photo above, you will come to the conclusion that it is 8:50.

That's not all of the functionality the watch offers. It displays the date as well, features an alarm timer, and backlighting.

It is a lightweight watch at 45 gram, especially if you compare it to the Uzumaki watch which weights more than three times as much.

According to Tokyoflash, it is a unisex watch for men and women

What I like

  • The dark sandal wood case is ultra-stylish, and the leather band the watch ships with adds to that.
  • It tells the time, data, features an alarm timer, and backlighting.

What's missing

  • Nothing

Both watches cost around €100, a reasonable price considering that you get quality watches in return for that money.

Closing Words

It is clear that Tokyoflash watches are not for anyone. But if you happen to be a geek, or someone who likes unique interesting things, then this is definitely an area that you may want to explore further.

You find dozens of watches on the manufacturer's website, and while it comes down to personal taste which you like, you can be sure that they are all unique in their own special way.


Leave a comment below for a chance to win a watch from Tokyoflash's inventory. The winner can pick any watch that is available on the manufacturer's homepage, and it will be shipped free of charge to the winner's location.

Tell us what you like or don't like about those watches, or post your favorite watch.

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Tokyoflash Japan Watches are stylish masterpieces
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Tokyoflash Japan Watches are stylish masterpieces
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