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SMPlayer update fixes YouTube playback issues

If you are using the popular media player SMPlayer you may have noticed that its capabilities to play YouTube videos has been somewhat limited recently. It may have worked well for you for some time, but recently, some videos started to act up and would not play at all anymore in the player.

The developer noticed the issue and that especially music videos seemed to cause the issue in SMPlayer.  A development version has been released that fixes the issue.

I have tested the new version for some time now with a selection of music videos and other videos on YouTube and did not encounter any issues whatsoever playing YouTube videos using SMPlayer.

According to the developer, changes that YouTube made have caused the issue. It is not really clear what has changed on YouTube, only that whatever was broken got fixed in the latest release of the player.

Note that the new version is labeled as a development build that you may not want to run in a productive environment. While I did not notice any issues using the player, you may want to wait until a stable version is released if you run it in work environments.

SMPlayer includes two additional improvements. First, better integration in Windows 8. I could not find any information about how this better integration looks like though, but if you are running Windows 8 it may be worth to upgrade the player to benefit from this.

The second improvement fixes issues with the auto-loading of subtitles that use file names with non-latin characters.

You can download the latest version of the media player from the official website.

Load YouTube videos in SMPlayer

If you have never played YouTube videos in SMPlayer, you are probably wondering how that is done. Here is a quick guide that helps you make use of the feature.

smplayer youtube

  1. Open SMPlayer to display the main interface.
  2. Click on Open > URL or use the Ctrl-U shortcut to open the URL loader.
  3. Paste a YouTube video into the form (it gets auto-filled if one is currently stored in the Clipboard).
  4. Click ok to play the video.

SMPlayer ships with SMTube, a small program that you can use to search YouTube videos and also access a selection of popular videos on the video hosting site.

youtube videos

A double-click should load the videos in SMPlayer, but that is not working right now. You can still right-click the video that you are interested in and copy its url so that you can load it into the player manually instead.

Closing Words

If you are using SMPlayer to watch YouTube videos, run it on Windows 8, or auto-load subtitles with non-Latin characters from time to time, then you may want to upgrade to the new version immediately. If that does not apply to you, there is no need to update to the development build right now.

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    1. Ficho said on July 4, 2013 at 5:06 am

      I am using Browser View Plus (PlayLink) Firefox addon + Download YT videos as MP4
      userscript.I just click on download button and then right click on the quality of video I want
      to open in player via PlayLink option.It is possible to open video (link) in your favorite player.
      I am using PotPlayer because I can see buffering progress bar and it is much faster then YouTube flash player.

    2. dapson said on July 4, 2013 at 8:25 am

      I want it installed immediately

    3. Pebbles said on July 4, 2013 at 10:11 pm

      Some additional info:

      – YouTubeCenter is a much better script. They AFAIK are the only ones that have a fix to the current YT Vevo issue.

      – You can queue YouTube videos into your SMPlayer playlist (ctrl-L) using the “+” sign button at the bottom of the playlist windows and “add url”. If you have SMP set to save playlist on exit, your YouTube queue will remain persistent.

      – You should NOT use SMTube if you are using a SSD. SMTube buffers the video by writing to the HD. SMPlayer caches the stream in RAM.

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