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Zazoo for Chrome improves your music experience on YouTube

If you like to listen to music on YouTube, you'd probably enjoy an extension like Zazoo for Chrome that improves your music listening experience on the website. What makes Zazoo especially interesting is the amount of information that it adds to music videos on YouTube. This not only includes lyrics but also artist background information, upcoming events and concerts, access to customized playlists, news, with new features like guitar cords in the pipeline.

When you first visit YouTube after you have installed the extension you will notice that it replaces the video stream on the start page with its own interface. You can still change the view mode here, but there does not seem to be an option to disable this feature completely.

zazoo youtube front

The interface displays a list of artists and songs that you can listen to right away, and playlists that are sorted into themes like Girl Power, Classics, Kid Songs or Rock On. You do not really have to pick anything here, as the Zazoo interface becomes available on songs that you load manually as well. This works for searches that you conduct on YouTube as well as for links that you follow.

When you load a video on the site you will notice a small attachment on the right side of the video that you can click on to display the Zazoo interface.

zazoo youtube front

Here you find the lyrics and artist info links. The lyrics are displayed in a small overlay on the screen. Artist info on the other hand displays photos, the artist biography, tour dates and events, news, the album cover, and related videos.


The attachment is only displayed for music videos that are recognized and supported by the extension. Sometimes though, the extension fails to identify the artist correctly. While it displayed information about Mozart on some videos, it failed to do so on others even though all had Mozart in the title.

Still, for most music videos on YouTube it works just fine. Zazoo is an extension for users who like to have access to lyrics and artist background information while on the site, and without having to open a separate tab or window to access those.

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    1. music said on July 5, 2012 at 4:41 am

      good experience Zazooo for chrome improves……

    2. Markus said on July 5, 2012 at 2:47 pm

      Nice app; I just downloaded it, and it looks good and just noticed there will be Notes feature in the future! now that’s awesome!

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