ASUS to Unveil Phone / Tablet at Computex

ASUS look set to unveil a phone that can dock with a tablet at the Computex event at the end of this month, according to reports.

The device, which is rumoured to be called the Padfone, looks to be the second iteration we've seen of the PC in your pocket concept that Motorola recently pioneered with their Atrix mobile phone.

We can expect the device to be based on Android, though which version of the company's OS is unclear.  Android is currently available in very different versions for phones and tablets, though its open-source nature makes it much easier for companies such as ASUS to modify it to suit their particular needs.

asus padfone

The next question is whether the tablet will be dumb without the phone docked.  This will be fairly likely but will keep the cost of the tablet down considerably as it will just require a screen and a dock, not a computer itself.  This could be a way for people to get a tablet for very little money.  That said the Motorola Atrix with its netbook dock as received unfavourable reviews so far.  The Atrix, in Motorola's defence though, is a version 1 product and the first iteration of this type of device that we've yet seen.

Update: Asus has unveiled the Padfone a few weeks ago at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. The Padfone, an Android 4.0 device, can be combined with a tablet that is using the phone's processing power, and a dock that is adding a full qwerty keyboard to the combo. What makes this interesting is that all three devices ship with batteries, which significantly improve the phone. Asus speaks of up to 9 times the battery of the standalone if all three devices are connected to each other. You can read more about Asus' Padfone here.

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