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Freddie Wong Videos On YouTube

I'm usually not posting funny Youtube videos on my website, there are better sites for that. But I make an exception, this time. I recently discovered Freddie's channel on YouTube, thanks to a post on Gameokratie.

Freddie is a professional video producer at the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts.

In many of his videos, he combines the real world with video gaming, and that's where it begins to get funny. Ever wanted to know how an aimbot would look like in real life? How a Portal gun could have its uses? How cart racing would be that more exciting if it would be Super Mario Kart racing instead?

Below is a selection of videos that I personally liked. Freddie has uploaded almost one hundred videos to his Youtube channel. Most videos have a play time of around one minute. The videos are professionally done thanks to his background as a video producer. Lets start with the videos.

Aimbot: Cheaters use aimbots in games, either for the fun of destroying the game for other players, or for showing of. Watch how an aimbot would look like in real life.

Rocket Jump: Many first person shooters offer a rocket launcher in their arsenal. Team Fortress 2 is such a game for instance. You can do rocket jumps in those games to reach areas you either cannot reach at all, or not directly. Watch how a rocket jump could help you out in real life combat situations.

Future First Person Shooter: A first person shooter with real characters. How would it look like.

Real Life Portal Gun: A portal gun can have its uses in real life. But you better be sure you know how to use it.

3D First Person Mario: Animation this time, but really funny nevertheless.

There are lots and lots of videos like the ones linked above. If you like them, visit Freddie's YouTube channel to watch them all.

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    1. Carl Waters said on May 9, 2011 at 11:20 pm

      bro, i have seen these videos and they are great. They look like Zach King’s videos on youtube. he also makes some great action videos that are totally rad. You should check it out.

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