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Autonito, Automatically Open Domains In Google Chrome's Incognito Mode

Incognito Mode is the name of the private browsing option in the Google Chrome browser. Once Incognito Mode is activated it blocks the storage of session related data on the computer's hard drive. This includes cache files, history entries, searches or cookies.

Incognito Mode spawns a new window every time it is activated. Activation is done by either pressing Ctrl-Shift-N or clicking on the wrench icon and selecting New Incognito Window from the context menu.

Users who want to always open a website or domain in Incognito Mode have to do so manually on every browsing session as there is no option available to automate that process.

That's where the Chrome extension Autonito offers to step in. The extension offers to store a list of websites and domains that should always be launched in Incognito Mode in the browser. Autonito spawns an Incognito window automatically whenever one of the stored domain names or IPs is loaded from bookmarks or manually in the address bar.

It basically automates the process so that selected websites and domains are always opened in Incognito Mode in the browser. The list of sites and IPs is managed in the extension's options.


Sites are added from a simple form on the options page. Chrome users need to enter the domain or IP exactly, and are for instance two different domains. Sites can be removed with a click on the delete button next to each site listing.

Autonito is available for direct installation at the Chrome extensions repository.

Update: The Autonito extension for Google Chrome has been removed from the Chrome Web Store. Alternatives are thankfully available. Among them Incognito Regex which uses regular expression matches to launch websites or domains in Chrome's Incognito Mode or Ghost Incognito to add domains to a list of sites that are opened in the private browsing mode automatically.

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    1. nimnim said on January 23, 2011 at 6:50 pm

      the irony is you’d have list the IPs/domains that auto-open in incognito, taking away one of the benefits of the mode unless the list is encrypted with pwd protection

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