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Google Chrome Popup Blocker

The Google Chrome browser comes with a built-in popup blocker, and while it manages to keep most of the popups from spawning it misses some. That's not a problem for users who rarely encounter sites that spawn those popups, but users who visit those sites on a regular basis may be looking for a better solution to get rid of popups in the Google browser once and for all.

The Google Chrome extension Better Pop Up Blocker improves the popup blocking capabilities of the browser. How does it do that?

Better Pop Up Blocker improves the default Google Chrome pop up blocker by blocking pop up windows opened by javascript & other annoyances that it misses like alert, prompt, and confirm boxes. They often occur when you simply click on what looks like blank space or text that shouldn't do anything, let alone annoy you with a pop up window.

Chrome users who want to see how the browser fails to prevent popups from opening can open the demonstration page. The page spawns popup windows when the user clicks on the image or anywhere else on the page. The method spawns three popup windows, which would have been blocked by the Chrome extension.

All it takes to block popups more efficiently in the Chrome browser is to install the Better Pop Up Blocker extension. The extension displays an icon in the Chrome address bar whenever popups have been automatically blocked, giving the user an option to allow popups individually.

better popup blocker

Better Popup Blocker offers to whitelist websites. By default popups on Google, Youtube, Hulu and Apple are whitelisted, which means that the program will not block popups on those websites. It is possible to add and remove websites from the whitelist, or use blacklist mode which allows popups by default to give the user more control over the process.

popup whitelist

Advanced options are available to select the functions that should be blocked by the popup blocker.

popup blocker

Better Pop Up Blocker improves the popup blocking in the Chrome browser. It is a must have extension for users who regularly encounter popups in the web browser.

Update: The Better Pop Up Blocker extension is no longer available for the Chrome browser. Use an alternative such as Poper Blocker instead.

Google Chrome Popup Blocker
Article Name
Google Chrome Popup Blocker
Find out how to block popups in Google Chrome that the native popup blocker of the browser does not block.

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