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Cameyo, Free Windows Application Virtualization

Application virtualization solutions like Cameyo offer the tools to run applications in a virtual environment. What this basically means that it is possible to create application packages that can be executed and used normally on destination systems without installation. The application virtualization basically sits between the application and the operating system, emulating the structures needed for the application to execute normally.

Cameyo is a free application virtualization software for the Windows operating system. It's main selling point is its ease of use.

The program basically captures software installations, and creates an executable in the end that can be used to start the application on another compatible system.

A basic example would be to capture the installation of the Opera web browser, and the Flash and Java plugins. The virtual Opera browser that is created in the process can then be executed without installation on another system, along with Flash and Java support, even if neither is installed on that machine.

The virtual application runs in a sandbox for extra security of the underlying system.

Application virtualization is often used in organizations and companies, to provide employees with options to start programs in an easier fashion.

Cameyo on the other hand may make sense for some home users as well. Think of creating a browser package with installed plugins for family members for instance, or virtual applications for hard to install and configure programs.

The best part of it is its ease of use. It simply needs to be started after installation to capture the software installation, the virtual application will be created immediately after the Install done button has been pressed. Consult the video above for the full process.

Cameyo can be downloaded from the developer website. They do not offer compatibility information, but it should run fine on most Windows systems. Developers can download the SDK which is also offered on the project website.

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    1. appsbyaaron said on August 31, 2010 at 5:21 pm

      I’ve been messing with Cameyo all monring (since I read about it here) and there are some issues. Half of the software I’ve tried will not run on a computer other than than the one I installed it on and created the package. I’m sure they will figure this stuff out but I just wanted to share my experience so far. It has so much possibilities!!

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