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Google Chrome Beta Gets Form Autofill

Web forms are an integral part of the web. They are used for website signups, surveys, comments and other interactions with a specific website or service.

Having to fill out the same information over and over again can be very tiresome, if you have ever had to register an account with 30+ web services on one day you know what we mean.

Letting the web browser handle some of the form filling automatically can save lots of time and frustration. Most web browsers offer autofill in one form or the other, either directly in the core framework or through browser extensions.

Google Chrome was one of the last browsers not supporting autofill, at least not in the beta and stable releases. This has changed with the latest beta release of the web browser, as it included autofill. Sorry stable users, still no autofill for you at this time, but expect it to hit your browser soon as well.

To introduce the new feature, Google has created a video demonstrating the capabilities of AutoFill in Chrome.

AutoFill currently supports a semi-automated way of aiding the web user in filling out forms on the Internet. It supports multiple datasets and will display suggestions once the user double-clicks into a form field, or starts entering the first character.

Form data is saved in address sets, that consist of standard information like name, street, zip, location or phone number. Selecting an entry from the list will automatically fill all relevant fields in the web form, if the information exist in the address set.

Chrome can also record sensitive information like credit card numbers, but will ask the user before doing so.

AutoFill information can be managed in the Chrome options, by clicking on the Tools icon in the Chrome header and then Options. The Form AutoFill button is listed on the Personal Stuff tab.

There, all addresses that have been entered are listed, with the option to edit them directly in the interface to add, remove or edit parts of the address.

chrome form autofill
chrome form autofill
edit address chrome
edit address chrome

Credit card information are not displayed fully in plain text in the menu, only the last four digits and the expiration date are shown.

The same menu contains a checkbox to disable autofill in Google Chrome (by unchecking enable AutoFill to fill out web forms in a single click). The feature in its current form is not supporting the addition of custom fields in an address set, something that our favorite password manager extension Last Pass - which is also available for Google Chrome - supports.

The latest Chrome beta release can be downloaded on the Google Chrome Releases blog post.

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