Less Spam Please, Integrates Disposable Email Services In Firefox

Disposable email address services provide access to temporary email addresses that often require no registration. Those instant email addresses can be used to register accounts on websites without revealing personal or work related email addresses.

Lets exemplify the signup process. The registration process remains the same, the only difference is the email address that is entered on the registration form.

Yopmail for instance is a very popular service: to use a yopmail address the registrant would simply enter [email protected], with whatever freely selectable, like [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected]

A visit of the Yopmail website displays a single form where a previously used email address can be entered. This will load all emails that have been sent to the address, often revealing emails sent to other users of the disposable email service. (side note: it is possible to delete emails, and it is suggested that this is always done after processing the information in the email).

Less Spam Please is a Firefox add-on that optimizes the process outlined above. The extension supports the three disposable email services Yopmail, Humaility and Mailinator.

A mail address prefix needs to be selected before the add-on can be used. This is mainly used to create a unique email address on every website the add-on is used to create a temporary email address.

less spam please

less spam please

It is furthermore possible to change the default disposable email provider from Yopmail to one of the other two available providers. The add-on is then ready for use.

The extension adds two new entries to the right-click context menu. The first generates a new temporary email address on the fly and enters it into an email form, the second opens the website of the selected temporary email provider for that site.


The generated email addresses are not random, they are always the same for the same site. This means that users should take extra care to select a unique prefix. This also means that it is not possible to generate two accounts on the same site, unless the prefix is changed.

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Email domains may be alternated, if the email provider supports multiple domain names, which Yopmail does for instance.

Less Spam Please can be especially helpful for users who register anonymous accounts on sites on a regular basis. Users who barely register those accounts may be better of with the manual registration approach.

Less Spam Please is compatible with Firefox 3.6 and later. A download is provided on the official Mozilla Firefox add-on repository.

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