Open Office 4 Kids

The idea behind Open Office 4 Kids is to provide a version of Open Office for children between the age of 7 and 12. The project is in its early stages with version 0.5 recently released to the public. The main difference between Open Office and Open Office 4 Kids are the missing features in Open Office 4 Kids (Java and Base are for example not included in this release). A benefit of this is the performance gain when working with Open Office 4 Kids compared to a default Open Office installation.

The interface is different as well. Open Office 4 Kids makes use of less buttons in the interface and divides them into a header toolbar and sidebar. The changes are slim at the moment but the developers have plans to implement additional changes in future releases. The main difference on the other hand is that Open Office 4 Kids is a simplified version of Open Office.

open office 4 kids

As you probably know, the Education Project aims to create a bridge between Educational world an, through several actions. One of the results is OOo4Kids

The development release 0.5 of Open Office 4 Kids can be downloaded from the project website. It is available for Microsoft Windows, Linux and Apple Macintosh operating systems.

Update: The OO4Kids project has recently released version 1.3 of the project which introduces several new or improved features . A portable version for Windows is now for instance available which can be run from USB devices or if you do not want to install the Office suite on the PC. The portable version requires less than 140 Megabyte which is less than Open Office requires.

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A good starting point for you if you are new to the project is the manual on the main page. Here you find links to tutorials changelogs, roadmaps and everything else to get started.

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