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Firefox Cache Viewer Gui Frontend

There are two ways to access the Firefox web browser cache. The cache can either be accessed from within the web browser by entering about:cache into the Firefox address bar, or by opening the cache directory of the Firefox profile directly on the local system.

The in-browser solution displays a bare-bones file browser with barely any comfort, while the option to browse the cache locally on the hard drive requires that you know where it is located. And if you know the location, you still have the problem that the data is not presented in a way that you can easily browse it.

The Firefox add-on Cache Viewer offers a third option. It is basically a gui frontend for the browser cache viewer. Its advantage over the two original solutions to view the cache are numerous.

One of the interesting features that it makes available is that it displays a visual preview of the selected cache item. If you select an image, you see a preview of it right in the add-on's interface.You can also sort the cache in multiple ways, for instance by address, type, size, location or date and time.Another handy option is the ability to use the search form to locate specific files or file types.

firefox cache viewer

The search allows you to search for only png images for instance, or only files from a specific host that you have visited in the past.

Additional information about a selected cache item are displayed next to the visual preview area. This includes the expiration data and header information, when it was last fetched and modified, or how often it was fetched by the browser.

A right-click on one or multiple images will open a context menu with options to save the selected items to the local hard drive, to delete them or to open them in the web browser.

While it is particularly great for images, it can be used for other file types as well, including text files, documents, or HTML files.

Cache Viewer is available for Firefox 3 and newer, and can be downloaded from the Mozilla website.

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