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Stumbleupon URL Shortening Service Out Of Beta

Oh noes, not another URL shortening service. That's probably the first reaction of many users who read the announcement that Stumbleupon's URL shortening service is now available publicly. As if there were not enough services of this kind already. There are however a few aspects of that make it quite unique in its own right which in turn could make it interesting for some users to use. works like any other URL shortening service on the outside. Users can write a message of up to 140 characters in the box and will automatically shorten the URL that is posted in that message to save characters.

The very same page contains additional options to shorten the message and post it to Twitter or Facebook. Both of these options require a Stumbleupon account which gets linked to the Twitter and Facebook account.

supr_front provides two interesting options that can make it interesting to users. The first is that every url that gets shortened gets also submitted to Stumbleupon. That option might be especially interesting to webmasters who post their new blog posts or websites to Twitter or Facebook anyway. This way they can post it to Stumbleupon as well which usually generates some extra traffic. Some webmasters have experienced hundreds of additional visitors coming from Stumbleupon using this method. A WordPress plugin has been provided by Stumbleupon to automate the process.

It is furthermore possible to move the shortened url from to the domain the blog is hosted on so that links will point to that domain instead.


The second interesting aspect of is an extensive statistics section which will give the user traffic details about the url that has been posted. This includes clicks, referrers, re-tweets and reviews. A last option that sounds interesting is the ability to schedule posts. is a convenient URL shortening service with some interesting features. It could become very popular with webmasters who post their articles and websites to Twitter and Facebook. Their main benefits are the statistics that are provided and that the url gets posted to Stumbleupon as well.

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