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Timeleft is a very sophisticated time management software for the Windows operating system that provides access to a wide variety of different time related options. Among these the ability to create reminders, countdowns, stopwatches, auction watches and various others that make it one of the most complete applications in that field. The free version of the application is good for one timer function in each category which should be sufficient for most purposes. Timeleft will display two initial timers after installation and program start that show the current clock and a New Year countdown.

It will also display a quick task window that can be used to add or edit new widgets quickly.

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The options provided to edit or add a new widget are extensive. A click on any of the buttons in the quick task window will open the applications's main window that contains the various widgets that can be created on the left side and the existing widgets of the active category on the right.


A click on the add or edit button will open a properties window for the selected widget type that contains many options to choose from including titles, layout, formats, skins and visual effects like transparency and borders.

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The active widgets can be moved around on the computer desktop easily. They are set to stay on top of other windows so that they are always visible. This among many other settings can be changed in the main program options.

One interesting widget is the Auction Watch add-on which can be installed as a plugin for Firefox and Internet Explorer.

auction watch

This allows the user to watch auctions with the program running in the background and receive reminders when an auction reaches the end.


Timeleft is a feature rich time management tool for the Windows operating system that will suite the needs of most users who are in need of such a program.

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  1. ProductivityHacker May 26, 2009 at 9:22 pm #

    I think that GTD Timer (http://gtd-timer.com) is much better.
    It is more simple in use but has complicated features.
    What I like especially of GTD Timer is it's ergonomics - you just type Win+S to start timer, choose time and it starts showing time in System Tray.
    If you know what GTD is you'll definitely like GTD Timer!
    (And it's free for personal use)

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