Gmail: 90 Tools And Tips To Make You A Gmail Pro

Martin Brinkmann
Feb 9, 2009
Updated • Nov 23, 2017
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Gmail (Google Mail) is without doubt one of the most popular online email services. What makes it so interesting is the functionality that it provides out of the box, but also the service's extensibility.

The following article lists all the tools and tips needed to make you a Gmail pro. It lists the best Firefox and Chrome extensions, Greasemonkey scripts, desktop tools as well as how to articles and other tips that will increase the functionality of Gmail immensely, improve or modify the service in other ways.

Firefox add-ons

These add-ons are compatible with Firefox 57 and newer:

Gmail Notifier (restartless) -- Supports multiple accounts, and will notify users about new emails. Alternative: X-notifier.

Gmail Show Time -- Shows the full date and time in email listings and the details header on Gmail.

Simple Gmail Notes -- Adds an option to Gmail to add notes to email threads.

The following add-ons are compatible with older versions of Firefox, but most are not compatible with Firefox 57 or newer.

Better Gmail – Compilation of some of the best Greasemonkey scripts for Gmail compiled as a Firefox add-on.

Cookie Swap – Manage multiple Gmail accounts at once with this Firefox add-on.

DragDropUpload – Drop files into attachment boxes easily.

Email This – Emails the current title, highlighted text and link of the active page using email applications like Gmail.

Email Yourself – Use this Firefox add-on to email information about the current webpage to yourself.

GContactSync – Synchronizes the contacts between Gmail and Thundebird.

Gmail Ad Blocker – Removes the ads that are shown in the Gmail interface to make more room for your messages.

Gmail Agenda – Integrates Google Calendar into Gmail.

Gmail Checker – Checks for new emails automatically in Firefox.

Gmail Contact Book – Easily pick contacts when writing mails in Gmail.

Gmail Manager – Manage multiple Gmail accounts and display new mail notifications.

Gmail Notifier – Will monitor a single or multiple Gmail accounts from within Firefox. Displays information such as unread email messages in the status bar.

Gmail Redesigned – A complete new CSS stylesheet for Gmail that changes the look and feel of the website.

Gmail S/Mime – Makes it possible to send and receive signed and encrypted emails in Gmail.

Gmail Signatures – Automatically inserts HTML signatures in Gmail messages based on the address the emails get send from.

Gmail Skins – Change the color of the skin of the Gmail website.

GTD Inbox – Increase the productivity and manageability of Gmail with this Getting Things Done add-on.

Integrated Gmail – Makes it possible to display other Google services like Google Calendar or Reader directly in Gmail.

Chrome extensions

Boomerang for Gmail -- Adds a number of tools to Gmail including a send later tool, response tracker, and more.

Checker Plus for Gmail -- A mail checker for email that displays new messages and notifies you about them.

Dropbox for Gmail -- Integrates Dropbox in Gmail to quickly attach Dropbox files to messages

Send form Gmail (by Google) -- Makes Gmail the default email application, and adds a button to compose mails quickly from Chrome's toolbar.


gCompose – Will display the new mail dialog when pressing the bookmarklet’s button.

Gmail Search Bookmarks – Save searches with this bookmarklet.

Gmail This – Button to email the current page using Gmail.

Multiple Gmail Signatures – Create and use multiple signatures in Gmail.


Always Show CC Field – Will always display the CC and BCC fields in Gmail.

Attachment Reminder – reminds you of an attachment based on words used in the email.

Gmail + Reader Integrator – Integrates Gmail and Google Reader.

Gmail Attachment Icons – Adds bigger and better attachment icons to Gmail

Gmail Emoticons – Adds emoticons to Gmail.

Gmail Filter Assistant – Ads an advanced filter management module to Gmail.

Gmail Macros – Adds extra keyboard shortcuts and macros.

Gmail Persistent Search – Save and access previous searches in Gmail.

Gmail Preview Bubbles – Preview a message without opening it.

Gmail Right-Click – Adds a right-click menu to Gmail to navigate the website faster and more comfortably.

Gmail Spam Count Hide – Hides the spam count in Gmail.

Gmail Super Clean – Provides a cleaner interface for Gmail.

Gmail To – Forces all mailto links to use Gmail.

Gmail Unread Message Count In Favicon – Display the unread message count of your Gmail account in the Gmail favicon.

Google Account Multi-Login – log into multiple accounts at the same time.

One Click Conversations For Gmail – Access conversations with one click.

Desktop Applications:

Blogsigs – For Webmasters: Add the title of your latest blog post in your email signature.

Gdisk (MAC) – Turns the Gmail account into a portable hard drive on the computer.

Gmail Assistant – A notifier for multiple Gmail accounts with many options.

Gmail Backup – Explains how to backup all mails of a Gmail account locally.

Gmail FS (Linux) – Add Gmail as a hard drive in the Linux operating system.

Gmail Mobile – Mobile application for Gmail.

Gmail Todo – Quickly Add ToDo’s to the Gmail account.

GMDesk – Run Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs and Google Maps as standalone applications.

Google Email Uploader – Upload emails to Gmail.

Google Mailbox Loader – Import mailboxes into Gmail.

GPhotospace – Use Gmail as a online storage space for your photos.


GSN SMS Notifier – Send SMS when new mail arrives.

GTray – Display notifications of new email messages in the system tray.

KCheckGmail (Linux) – System Tray application for Linux KDE.

Mailstore Home – Backup Your email using this email backup software.

You’ve got Gmail (Trillian) – Adds new mail notifications to Trillian.


11 Power Tips For Gmail – A collection of 11 tips for Google Mail.

Add Gmail Tasks To Your Firefox Sidebar – Explains how to add Gmail tasks to the Firefox Sidebar.

Edit Gmail Contacts From Chat List – It is far easier and faster to edit the Gmail contacts from the chat list.

Force Gmail to Always use Secure Connection – Forces Gmail to always use a https connection.

How To Read Mail Without Touching Your Mouse – It is possible to use Gmail without using the mouse at all.

Mark All Unread Mail As Read – Explains how to mark all unread mail in Gmail as read.

Ten Gmail Labs Features You Should Enable – A list of ten experimental features that can be activated in Gmail.

Top 10 Gmail Tips And Hacks – Ten excellent Gmail tips.

Watch Videos right in Gmail Chat – Watch videos that have been posted in Gmail chat in the same window.

What To Do If You Cannot Access Your Gmail Account – A collection of tips that explain what a user can do if he cannot access Gmail anymore.

How To:

Access Gmail From Thunderbird – How to configure Thunderbird to work with Gmail

Access Your Gmail Inbox With Python – How to access the inbox with a python script.

Analyze Mail Usage With Mail Trends – How to analyze mail usage over time.

Archive Mail On The iPhone – Explains how to backup mails on the iPhone.

Attach and Send Any File Type with Gmail – How to send blocked file types with Gmail.

Backup Gmail In Linux – A four step guide on how to backup Gmail in Linux.

Build Advanced Gmail Filters – How to create and use advanced Gmail filters.

Compose Gmail Messages With Launchy – Using the launcher Launchy to compose Gmail messages.

Create A Feed For Unread Gmail Messages – Use RSS Feeds For Unread Messages.

Export And Backup Emails From Outlook To Gmail – How to export email messages from Microsoft Outlook To Gmail.

Fast PDF Viewing in Gmail – How to view PDFs right in the browser.

How To Setup Gmail In External Mail Clients Properly – Explains how to setup Gmail in external mail applications like Mozilla Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook.

Import Contacts From Hotmail – How to import Hotmail contacts into Gmail.

Import Emails Into Gmail – How to import desktop emails into Gmail.

Manage All Email Accounts With Gmail – Guide for users with multiple email accounts.

Set Gmail As The Default Mail Client – How to set Gmail as the default mail client in Firefox 3.

Send SMS Text Messages – How To send SMS messages with Gmail.

Use Gmail As A Drive In Windows – Configure Gmail to Appear as a normal drive letter in Windows.

Use IMAP in Gmail – Explains how to use Gmail over IMAP.

Work With Attachments – Work with attachments in Gmail.


Gmail Mobile - Access Gmail from a mobile phone.

Gmail Productivity Tips – Three productivity tips for Gmail.

Gmail Shortcut List – List of Gmail Shortcuts.

Gmail Shortcuts – How to use shortcuts for Gmail shortcuts.

Gmail Stickers – Get some Gmail stickers for your computer keyboard from Google for the price of a return stamp.


How To Make a Physical Gmail Notifier – Create a new gadget that will tell you if new mail has arrived in the Gmail inbox.

Gmail: 90 Tools And Tips To Make You A Gmail Pro
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Gmail: 90 Tools And Tips To Make You A Gmail Pro
The guide lists 90 different tools, tips and resources to improve Google's email service Gmail in a variety of ways.
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    The desktop tools as well as how tos and other tips that will increase the functionality of Gmail..Superb list.. I thought wise stamp is an alternative to multiple gmail signatures which is easy and better.Google Mail is without doubt one of the most popular online email services. What makes it so interesting is not only the functionality that it provides out of the box but also its extensibility. The following article contains all the tools and tips needed to make you a Gmail pro. It contains the best Firefox extensions, Greasemonkey scripts, desktop tools as well as how tos and other tips that will increase the functionality of Gmail immensely.

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    Google Mail is without doubt one of the most popular online email services. What makes it so interesting is not only the functionality that it provides out of the box but also its extensibility. The following article contains all the tools and tips needed to make you a Gmail pro. It contains the best Firefox extensions, Greasemonkey scripts, desktop tools as well as how tos and other tips that will increase the functionality of Gmail immensely.

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    Thanks for the Gmail tips. Just as a slight correction, gContactSync is a Thunderbird add-on only (you have it listed under Firefox addons). It synchronizes address books in Thunderbird with Google Contacts.


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