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Firefox Cache It Add-on

Iinformation on a website that is temporarily or permanently inaccessible is not necessarily lost. Some web services, Google for example, crawl websites and save the contents to a cache.

Google's Cache is probably the most popular cache out there as it is also one of the most extensive ones considering that Google's Bot is crawling the web constantly.

It is not the only cache though. There is for example which tries to save cached copies of websites and pages so that they are not lost when they get deleted or modified. Technical difficulties are the main reason why a website is temporarily inaccessible. This can be a server outage, a transfer of the domain or content and too many connections (from the Digg or Slashdot effect) for example.

If the site has not been taken down completely, its contents will become available again at a later point in time. If it has been deleted permanently, for instance by its owner, its contents may never become available again in this form.The best option to access contents of a site that you cannot open at a specific point in time are the aforementioned web caches. Using them manually however requires some knowledge of their url structure or location on the web.

The Firefox Cache It add-on provides an easier way to access cached versions of a page on the Internet. It adds itself to the right-click menu and all it takes to open a cached version is to select the cache. from a list of available ones. Six Caches are currently available: Coral CDN, Google Cache, Bing Cache, Blekko, WebCite and the Wayback Machine.

cache it firefox

A default cache can be selected which is just one click away on the right-click context menu. You can use the extension in two different ways.

You can either right-click while you are on a website that you want to view a cached copy of, or right-click on a link to do the same.

When you select one of the caching providers, you have three options to do so. You can left-click to open the cached version in the same tab, middle-click to open it in a new tab in the same browser window, or right-click to copy the link to the clipboard instead.


The options provide you with preferences to disable the entry in the context menu or Firefox Tool menu, and to disable any of the caches that you do not want to use.

The extension has not been updated since 2011, but it works in all latest versions of the Firefox browser.

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