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Five of the best game speedruns ever

Speedruns are an extreme form of playing a game. The speed runner tries to beat the game in the least amount of time possible by avoiding as much of the gameplay as possible without using cheats or bugs. You find good and bad speedruns all over the net and I decided to post my personal top 5 speedruns.

I always thought it was a rumor that someone would be able to beat Resident Evil 1 for instance with just a knife but one of the players does that. You are about to witness some great skills in the following games: Resident Evil 1, Super Mario World, Halflife 2, Goldeneye and Fallout 2.

I did play all of those games and thought that I was pretty good at them but I'm not able to beat their times. It probably takes months of preparation and trial before you can get close to that time. Enjoy the videos..

Update: All five videos are no longer available and have been pulled. I do have found alternative videos for some, and posted other impressive speed runs instead which you can enjoy. Videos are posted below, enjoy and let me know what you think of them.

Resident Evil 1 Speed Run with only a knife on normal difficulty. Almost 2 hours of video, the run starts at 7:26 in the video. Quality is unfortunately not that good at 360p but it is still ok to watch, especially if you are interested in the speed run and techniques used to master the game. Played on Nintendo's Wii by the way.

Here we have the Fallout 2 speed run. It took the player less than 18 minutes to beat the game which is really impressive. A lot of quests are optional in the game which may explain why the game can be beat in such a short time.

If you thought this was crazy think again. A Super Mario World speed run in 10 minutes 11 seconds.

If you crave for more speed runs check out the video hosting platform YouTube, it offers an incredible amount of speed run videos to watch.

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    1. lenny said on May 22, 2007 at 1:49 pm

      wow that mario run is the best thing i ever was !!!

    2. gnome said on May 22, 2007 at 4:12 pm

      Fallout 2 in under 20 mins? Ah well, it only took me a month or so…

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