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Temporary Email from BugMeNot

Some sites require that you sign up to access their contents. I don't want to talk about the positive and negative effects of forcing users to sign up before they can access information on a website, but I would like to point out that some websites use the signup process solely to gain a valid email address from the user to sell it to advertising companies on the Internet.

A temporary email address on the other hand enables you to sign up for services without having to reveal your "real" email address to that service.

BugMeNot, the service that is mostly known for its database of usernames and passwords to various sites on the Internet, is offering a temporary email address service as well. You need to enter an email in the form [email protected] when you create an account on another website, with name freely selectable.

BugMeNot collects the emails and keeps them for a maximum of 24 hours. Just visit the disposable email service from BugMeNot and enter the name that you have selected during account creation into the form field.

All emails that have been received by BugMeNot in the last 24 hours are then displayed. If you use a common name such as [email protected] or similar you will probably see more than one email. You should also remember that all users are able to access the email as all information are publicly available. It is therefore best to pick unique names that no one can guess as malicious users could make use of the information to take over your account on websites.

This means that you should only use disposable email services if the service is in no way connected to you. Make also sure that you use a password that you do not use normally. So, if you only want to sign up to YouTube so that you can upload some videos you can use the service. It is however no good idea to use it to sign up to Amazon or eBay.

Update: The service does not seem to be available anymore. I'd suggest you check out our disposable email provider list for alternatives that you can use.  The list divides providers into unrestricted and restricted providers.

yopmail temporary emails

Unrestricted means that anyone can use any email address without account registration, restricted means you need to link one of your email addresses to the newly created address before you can make use of the service.

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      Spammers are now using bugmenot to get username/passwords so they can post comment spam :(

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