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Use High tech to find clothes that perfectly fit

We all know the drill. You want to buy clothes in a shop or online and have troubles finding clothes that fit perfectly. A device called Intellifit tries to revolutionize shopping by measuring your body and suggesting clothes from selected brands that fit the best.

This is done by scanning the body once for about 10 seconds using radio waves to get an accurate body measure with hundreds of measure points of which many are used in the clothing industry today.

The data is stored on a card that can be used to shop using special terminals that automatically present to you clothing based on those measures and selected brands and type that you pick from the selection.

The system can also be used to create custom clothing which is a nice feature. I have some concern though about the limited amount of brands that are available currently to choose your clothes from. Intellifit currently looks like an exclusive club for some brands including Levis, Dockers and Gap. Many brands are missing which does not feel right so to speak. Still, if you only wear Levis jeans for instance it may be a great system.


  • Instant measurement reports through portal
  • Customizable measurements reports
  • Accurate within 1cm
  • Scans in 20 seconds
  • Small footprint (7’ diameter an 8’ high)
  • Consumer–friendly
  • Full Bodyscan while clothed
  • Low output mmwave
  • Customizable exterior graphics

Take a look at the video to get a better impression of what it is all about:

The company behind Intellifit has created a second product, called Me-Ality that matches customers to the right size and body style.

Our system scans a customer, fully-clothed, in about 10 seconds, and matches them to the right size and style for their body (we use exact body measurements matched to apparel size specifications). The customer has a more positive dressing room experience, and apparel sales conversion is dramatically increased. Customers view recommended styles on-screen at the Size Matching Station and then print their final selections to go shopping. Their personalized Me-Ality Shopping Guide is emailed to their phone.

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