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The Silent Japanese Game Show

Silence can sometimes be really funny. The following videos are taken from a Japanese game show where the candidates have to be silent most of the time.

The "do not laugh" or "gaki no tsukai" show is funny but might be unsuited for some of the viewers, it can be quite disturbing at times if you are used to European or American TV shows.

The first videos show the candidates in various situations where they are not allowed to laugh, the last two shows take part in a library where they play a silly game. It is a little bit like jackass, only funny and less stupid.

Update: The videos were removed, but we have added a couple of alternatives still available below.

Electric Shock Batsu game

Silent Library

There are a couple of rules for the actors in the show. You are either not allowed to laugh but get in all kinds of funny situations that try to make you laugh, or you are not really allowed to say anything let alone laugh, which is the case in the library game series.

So called Batsu games are highly popular. The Gaki No Tsukai team participates in one large Batsu game per year where part or all of the crew take up roles and have to endure a 24 hour day without laughing. Batsu episodes have played in a police station, newspaper agency, spa, hospital and a lot of other places. The crew always dresses as if they'd belong in the environment. They often have to perform day to day tasks in the location and are constantly bombarded with funny scenes, images and other things to get them to laugh.

When they laugh, they get punished which usually involves being hit with a rubber stick. Sometimes though they get kicked by a professional Thai boxer or shot with blow darts. Yes, it is nothing that you will ever see in European television shows.

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    1. hornswaggled said on January 18, 2007 at 7:00 pm

      I always am amazed at the creativity of these shows. We don’t have anything like it at all over here in the US.

      This is great! I also like the one where they have a huge lizard chase after women who have their head in the cage, the last woman to stay in wins, its hilarious.

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