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Firefox Cache Viewer

The Cache Viewer extension for Firefox may be a helpful addition for some users of the web browser. One way to look at the cache is to enter about:cache in your address bar and hit enter. This display is unfortunately not very practicable and the information displayed are scarce. The cache on the hard drive is even worse, all files are obfuscated and you can only guess what this file is about by looking at the file size and type.

Cache Viewer displays more information about the files cached and even previews them in a small window. Let us say you viewed some nice flash animations or listened to several mp3 files on some websites. It's pretty time consuming to find out which files you need, unless you would be using cache viewer. You can sort all files in the cache by size (and other parameters) and flip through them until you find the ones that you want.

The extension offers some filters as well, you can filter parts of the file name or url to find files from a certain url for instance. It can run in it's own window or in a tab.

firefox cache viewer

The preview window is not limited to image files it is also able to display most flash files and other types of files as well.

Update: The original Cache Viewer extension has been discontinued, and the last version of the extension has been released by the original author in 2010. Cache Viewer continued has been created to fill the gap that the discontinued version of Cache Viewer left. The new extension is a rewrite of the original extension compatible with all recent versions of the Firefox web browser.

Firefox users who download and install CacheViewer Continued can open the extension menu under Web Developer > Cache Viewer, or by pressing Ctrl-Shift-C.

It is not opening up in its own window but in a tab in the main browser window instead.


  1. You can change the number of results displayed on a page using the drop down menu at the top.
  2. Toolbar items can be sorted by size, name, date, storage location or times it has been accessed.

Update: Cache Viewer Continued has been discontinued, oh the irony. You can download and use Cache Viewer 2 instead.

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    1. shehan said on May 15, 2010 at 5:40 pm

      hi anyone know how i can get the source codes and the algorithm behind this addon?

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