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Cipher Gui

Cipher Gui is a very small and compact freeware utility that overwrites the empty space of your hard drive three times to prevent software file recovery programs from restoring previously deleted data from the selected device.The program leaves files and data untouched, and will only overwrite the empty space which may still occupy traces of files that you or the system deleted previously. Its only 6K in size and works like a charm. Make sure you backup your sensible files before you use this utility.

Update: Cipher GUI is no longer available. The website is returning an error when it is opened in a browser, and the hosted files are not accessible anymore.

Other programs have filled the gap that the program left which I would like to review briefly here to present you with direct alternatives.

Eraser is without doubt one of the most popular programs. You can run it on your hard drive's free space to erase all remaining traces of programs and files that were once hosted on it. You can configure Eraser to run on schedule, so that your free hard drive space will get cleaned up regularly without you having to start the process manually.

Mooo File Shredder on the other hand can be used to securely delete individual files so that they cannot be recovered anymore by normal means and conventional file recovery software. The program is really easy to use. Just drop the files and folders in its drop box to shred them with different algorithms. At the very least, all data will be overwritten with pseudo-random data that blocks recovery programs from working correctly. The program can furthermore change the program's file size to 0, change file names, attributes and time stamps before it does that.

Prevent Restore is the third and final program. It has many similarities to Eraser, including its ability to erase the free disk space to make sure deletes files and folders cannot be identified nor recovered anymore.

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      Hi, I was just wondering as to were I would be able to download this program?

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