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Firewalls, commonly underused by home users yet probably one of the most important aspects of securing your machine; ever. Windows users have a HUGE array of options in front of them, but GNU/Linux isn’t quite as flexible in terms of giving you a thousand and one options. Thankfully, there is the powerful IPTables firewall built […]

veeam backup

A fresh installed Windows 10 operating system, regardless of whether it is store-bought, an upgrade from an earlier version of Windows, or a reset of Window 10 machine, is a good opportunity to apply some useful tweaks and fixes to the operating system. While deep customization of Windows 10 depends largely on what you use […]


ShellNewSettings is a free program for Microsoft Windows devices that allows you to remove items from the new menu of Explorer. The new menu of Windows Explorer may grow considerably over time. Microsoft ships the menu with a couple of entries already, for instance to create a new folder or plain text file. Third-party programs […]

twitch desktop app

Popular  game streaming service Twitch revealed its new beta desktop client on March 16 for the Microsoft Windows operating system. First thing you will notice is that the client is quite large. The download has a size of about 80 Megabytes thanks to -- you guessed that one right -- Electron. Second thing worth noting […]

pwn2own 2017

The tenth anniversary of the Pwn2Own gathering of hackers, Pwn2Own 2017, saw eleven teams attempt to exploit products across four categories. The products that teams were allowed to target this year included operating systems and web browsers, but also the new product categories Enterprise applications and server-side. Programs like Adobe Reader, and Apache Web Server, […]

march 2017 windows security updates

Microsoft announced some time ago that new silicon as the company called it back then would not be officially supported on Windows 7 or 8.1. This meant basically that only Windows 10 would support Intel's, AMD's and Qualcomm's new processors, while Windows 7 or 8.1 would not. This does not mean that Windows 7 or […]

pc building simulator

PC Building Simulator is a game for Windows and Linux devices in which you simulate the building of desktop computer systems. Building PCs, as opposed to buying them out of the box, can be a very rewarding experience. Apart from gaining knowledge on how the PC works, it allows you to pick the components and […]

Interested in CISSP, CISM or CISA certification? The Information Security Certification Training Bundle offers all the information and knowledge to ace the certification. The eLearning bundle consists of the following three Certified Information training courses: Certified Information Systems Security Professional -- Immerse Yourself in Practice Materials for the CISSP, One of the Top Security Certifications […]

security update guide issue

Microsoft announced a while ago that it plans to do away with the two-decade old security bulletin release scheme, and switch over to the Security Update Guide service instead for update information. Planned for February 2017 initially, the change was postponed. We don't know why, but the postponing of security update releases for Windows and […]


MoveQueue is a free, handy program for Windows that helps you move files more efficiently, especially if you run move operations regularly. You can copy, move or cut files on Windows by default if you use Windows Explorer. If you happen to move files regularly to new destinations, you may have noticed that the operation […]


Linkmaker is a free program for Microsoft's Windows operating system to create shortcut, symbolic links and NTFS hard links / junction points. While most Windows users know what shortcuts are, as they are exposed to shortcuts regularly on the desktop, on the taskbar or the Start Menu, symbolic links, hardlinks and junctions are not as […]

chrome throttle background tabs

Google Chrome 57 is the first stable version of the web browser for the desktop that ships with the background tab throttling power optimization feature. Google announced back in January 2017 that its Chrome web browser would start to throttle expensive background pages in the near future. This change is now live in Chrome Stable. […]

vivaldi custom css interface

One of the strengths of the Vivaldi web browser is that anyone can customize the user interface using CSS. Customizing in this context means more than what the browser preferences provides you with. Basically, what it allows you to do is make fundamental changes to the web browser's UI. This intro to customizing Vivaldi's interface […]