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Mozilla Firefox is a free open source browser available for Windows, Linux, Mac and the Android mobile operating system. The browser development started in 2003 at a time when Internet Explorer dominated the browser landscape. First versions of Firefox, originally titled Phoenix, were released in early 2004. Firefox version 1.0 was released in November 2004 and new versions of the browser were released since then in regular intervals.

Firefox is currently the number three browser in the world market share wise only trailing Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Google’s Chrome browser which appeared on the scene in 2008.

Mozilla adopted Google’s release scheme by switching to a rapid release schedule in 2011 under which new versions of the browser are released every 42 days. The browser is currently available in four different channels, namely Stable, Beta, Aurora and Nightly. The majority of users are on the stable channel which offers the best stability but is the last to receive new features which are first introduced in Nightly versions of Firefox and then moved to Aurora and Beta releases before they make their way into the stable version of the Internet browser

Below are all Firefox articles, tips and tricks, and reviews that we have published here on Ghacks. You may want to start browsing our Firefox Add-ons reviews or our selection of Firefox Tips.

firefox ssl personas addon

SSLPersonas is a free browser add-on for the Firefox web browser that highlights a site's security status in Firefox by changing colors of the theme. The Firefox web browser displays up to two indicators in its UI that reveal the security status of the connection. It displays a lock icon if the connection is secure, […]

pocket mozilla

Mozilla Corporation announced the acquisition of Read it Later, Inc, the creators of the "save for later" service Pocket. Pocket will become a new product in Mozilla's product line alongside the Firefox web browser, and Pocket's core development team will join Mozilla as well. Mozilla's relationship with Pocket dates back some time. The makers of […]

firefox lightweight theme

Last year, Mozilla announced major changes that it planned to implement that would change Firefox in several fundamental ways. The deprecation of Firefox's long-standing add-on system in favor of WebExtensions is probably the change that will have the largest impact on the Firefox browser and users. The main reason for this is that Mozilla plans […]

firefox snooze tabs

Mozilla launched the two new Firefox Test Pilot experiments Snooze Tabs and Pulse recently for all recent versions of the Firefox web browser. Firefox Test Pilot is a relatively new system that Mozilla uses to gather information about ideas and features that may one day be integrated in the Firefox web browser. The main idea […]

firefox intermediate ca caching fingerprinting

New browser capabilities and features are designed to improve the user experience or compatibility with technologies. Sometimes, these features may also be used for shady activities such as user tracking. One of the latest of these activities can be used to fingerprint Firefox users using intermediate CA caching. To break it down into a single […]

firefox addons 2017

The year 2017 is an important one for Mozilla and Firefox. Multi-process will be enabled for all users of the web browser, sandboxing is introduced, the first bits of Project Quantum are integrated into the web browser, and the add-on system will be switched exclusively to WebExtensions. Mozilla revealed an updated add-ons roadmap yesterday that […]

ghacks user js 011

The most comprehensive Firefox privacy and security settings collection has been updated to version 0.11 to take into account changes in newer versions of Firefox. Ghacks champion Pants created the initial list in 2015, and has been on it ever since that day with help of others including earthling and Tom Hawack. The new user.js […]

firefox focus

Firefox Focus: the privacy browser, is a free mobile browser for iOS devices by Mozilla designed to protect user privacy while browsing the web. The app "improves the privacy and performance" of a user's mobile browsing experience by "blocking analytics, social, and advertising trackers" according to the product description on Apple's iTunes website. It furthermore […]


The author of EPUBReader launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign recently to finance the migration of the add-on to WebExtensions. Mozilla plans to discontinue Firefox's add-on system in 2017 to replace it with the up and coming WebExtensions standard. The organization wants to accomplish a series of goals with the move including making add-ons less dependent […]


404 Bookmarks is a brand new browser add-on for the Firefox web browser that helps you identify and remove dead bookmarks from the browser. Most modern browsers support bookmarks, and it is easy enough to add them to the browser. In Firefox, all you do is click on the star icon to add it to […]

firefox stable to esr

Firefox 52 will be the first release version of the Mozilla Firefox web browser that will ship without support for NPAPI plugins. The only exception to the rule is that Firefox 52 will support Adobe Flash. All other plugins, Silverlight, Java, and all the others, won't be supported anymore in the Firefox version. While plugin […]

firefox activity stream

Mozilla targets Firefox 56, out in the second half of 2017, as the first version to feature the organization's new Activity Stream new tab page. We talked about Activity Stream before here on Ghacks. First, when it was released as a mockup showcasing the feature, and then later on when it was released as a […]


Greasemonkey is a popular add-on for the Firefox web browser that enables you to load and create userscripts to interact with web content. The add-on, like any other legacy extension for Firefox, will not work anymore in its current form when Mozilla makes the switch to WebExtensions exclusivity in the end of 2017. While it […]

smart tab mute

Smart Tab Mute is a browser add-on for the Firefox web browser that limits audio playback in the browser to a single tab at a time. If you open five tabs with videos, games and other content that plays audio in your browser of choice, you may notice that audio starts to play out of […]