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firefox intermediate ca caching fingerprinting

New browser capabilities and features are designed to improve the user experience or compatibility with technologies. Sometimes, these features may also be used for shady activities such as user tracking. One of the latest of these activities can be used to fingerprint Firefox users using intermediate CA caching. To break it down into a single […]

edge flash player vulnerability

Microsoft announced last week that it would not release security patches on February's Patch Day. In fact, the February Patch Day was canceled completely by the company; a first in the Patch Day's history. Microsoft revealed that it would delay the February Patch Day to the March Patch Day. This means that the February 2017 […]

onedrive differential sync

The updated OneDrive roadmap for the first and second quarter of 2017 suggests that Microsoft plans to add differential sync support to OneDrive in the second quarter of 2017. Microsoft revealed back in 2016 that it had plans to introduce differential sync support on OneDrive. The company listed the feature under committed, but did not […]

We have a new Linux author here on Ghacks, and new Linux topics will be published regularly from now on again on the site. If you are just starting out, you may want to check out this cool Linux Essentials Bundle on Ghacks Deals. It is a 5 course eLearning bundle that covers Linux fundamentals […]

avira free software updater

Avira Free Software Updater is a program for Windows by German security company Avira that checks Windows PCs for software updates. It is recommended -- most of the time -- to run up to date versions of programs installed on Windows. The main reason for that is security, as older versions may have security issues […]

wordpress editor

A large part of the Internet is powered by the content management system WordPress. While some call it a blogging platform, WordPress is more than that thanks to its extensibility. There are plugins that turn WordPress into a full featured eCommerce store, plugins that make it an art gallery, and plugins that create community sites […]

ublock origin

The following guide explains in simple terms how to remove any element on any web page permanently using the browser extension uBlock Origin. Ublock Origin is a content blocker that works really well out of the box. It supports lists that you can subscribe to, to improve the blocking of certain types of annoyances on […]


PlainPaste is a free program for Microsoft Windows devices to copy, paste or cut plainly on demand independently of programs you are using. If you copy or paste text on a Windows machine, the formatting of the text is copied along with it to the Windows Clipboard. While that may be desired at times, it […]

microsoft edge application guard

Windows Defender Application Guard is a new security feature of the Windows 10 operating system that Microsoft revealed back in 2016. The company revealed back then that it would integrate the feature in a future Windows Insider build before shipping it with the new feature update of Windows, the Windows 10 Creators Update. It appears […]


Permadelete is a new open source program for Microsoft Windows devices that you may use to remove files securely from the PC. The delete operation on Windows does not really do what the majority of users expects it to do. Instead of removing the contents of a file and its reference from the system, delete […]

white noise baby

White Noise Baby is an application for Google Android and Apple iOS devices that provides you with soothing sounds and monitoring options. The application looks like any other "white noise" application on first glance, but if you dig a bit deeper, you will notice that it offers features that the bulk of apps don't support. […]

windows powershell get-hash

Getting file hashes can be quite useful. This can be used for instance to make sure that backed up files are not corrupt or modified (by generating hashes before and after the process), or to make sure that no one tampered with an important file. You may see it on download sites as well, but […]

free manga downloader

Free Manga Downloader is an open source program for Microsoft's Windows operating system that enables you to download manga from supported sites. While you can read manga online on hundreds of sites, you sometimes may want to download them for offline reading. We reviewed several programs in the past that help you do that. MangaZ, […]