Updates Make Workrave a Crucial Element of Workplace Safety for Computer Users

Five years ago Ghacks released a blurb about a new program that was brand new for computers. Called Workrave, the small application provided notices to keep computer users from spending too many […]



Most of us are geeks. We work many hours a day nonstop using computers and notebooks and seldomly take breaks in that time. Well, unless we stand up to get another coffee. So, most of us work in an unhealthy environment.


EyePro 3: Say Goodbye to Computer Vision Syndrome

When you work long hours in front of a computer, you may have experienced some of the ill-effects that may come along with it.  This ranges from an aching body because of […]

breaktaker settings

BreakTaker Encourages You To Take PC Breaks

I often forget to take PC breaks, especially when I'm concentrating on a specific task on the computer. That's a problem as it can lead to all kinds of workplace injuries, from […]


Take Eye Stress Relief Breaks With Eyecare

Breaks are one of the most important aspects when working long hours in front of a computer screen. One problem that can arise is eye strain which comes from looking at a […]

pc breaks fitness

Organize your PC Breaks with Off 4 Fit

I reviewed Workrave a while ago which displays notifications to PC users to take breaks regularly to prevent Repetitive Strain injuries. Off 4 Fit is another application that reminds PC users that […]