EaseUS Todo Backup 6.5 gets Android data backup

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I was asked the other day how I transfer files from my Android phone to my PC. I have used quite a few options for that. From connecting the phone directly via USB cable and browsing the files on it using Windows Explorer over using Samsung's Kies software (not a good idea, slow as hell), to using file synchronizing services like Dropbox to do the same.

When it comes to backing up Android data, it is possible to either use apps that run on your Android device directly, for instance Simple ADB Backup, or desktop programs such as Samsung Kies or the latest version of EaseUS Todo Backup 6.5 which just came out.

The new Todo Backup does not support full Android backups though. What it supports is similar to what you can do with Samsung's Kies software.

Once you have installed the new version of the backup application on your system, you find the new Android backup option on the first screen that pops up.

The program will remind you if you need to modify the configuration on your phone before it can connect to the device. It is for instance necessary to enable USB Debugging on your device before a connection can be established.

This is done in the settings under Developer Options. Once done, you also need to make sure that the device is not connected as a Mass Storage Device. The program helps you understand what you need to do so, which means that it should not be too difficult to make the necessary changes.

Once you have made all the required changes, Todo Backup displays what you can back up:

  • Contacts
  • Messages
  • Call logs
  • Documents
  • Music
  • Photos
  • Videos

If you compare that to what Samsung Kies can back up, you notice that several data bits are missing including preferences, misc content files or email account information or to-do lists.

Only contacts, messages and call logs are selected by default. You can check the remaining backup options to add them to the process.

One issue that you will run into here is that Todo Backup does not display storage size requirements. There is no information about the size of all music, photo or video files on the device, which means that you could run into storage issues here if you select a target device that is lacking enough free space.

Once you hit the proceed button the backup process starts. You will not only see the progress bar and log on your PC, but also on your Android device.

android data backup pc easeus todo backup android

To restore a previously created backup, switch to recovery in the Todo Backup interface and select Android recovery from the options.

After selecting the device, you can pick the backed up file types that you want to restore to the device. You do not have to back up all of them though, if you just prefer to restore contacts or documents, you can do so easily here.


If you are already using EaseUS Todo Backup for backup jobs, then you may find the new Android backup option handy, especially if you do not like using Samsung Kies.

The thing that may keep you from using the app for that is that it does not support as many backup options as Kies or native backup apps on Android (especially when rooted), and that it lacks the size information that you may need to pick the right location for the backups.

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Responses to EaseUS Todo Backup 6.5 gets Android data backup

  1. jasray January 17, 2014 at 2:38 pm #

    Easeus 6.5 may have a bug for anyone updating from 6.0. I noticed that the program needed an update on my desktop a day ago; I went through the update process and was greeted after reboot with a blue screen and a black screen and a random circular rotation of nothingness. Fortunately, a recent Macrium system image was on an external drive and the desktop runs smoothly again--only a cautionary tale.

  2. Nerdebeu January 17, 2014 at 6:41 pm #

    I have not had this problem but I regret updated:

    To create a system image:

    - The compression ratio can not be changed.
    - The priority of the process of creating image can not be changed.

    In 6.0, it was possible.

  3. Blue January 18, 2014 at 5:52 pm #

    Martin it depends solely on your service package. Those using 3G or lower type connections may say Kies via WiFi is a tad slow. But Kies on a 4G or LTE service hardly notice a lag time. Plus if I'm at home I tend to use the USB cable to transfer files anyways then opening Kies WiFi (Kies WiFi is a tad slow on the sync-up process). The desktop/WiFi version of Kies will do better than EaseUS.

    By your own words, "The new Todo Backup does not support full Android backups though". Whereas Kies does a full backup including calender and memo, a total of 16 areas, including multi-media and downloads. EaseUS doesn't even do half (7/16) of what Kies can. And while backing up via Kies we can transfer files / media to and from the phone as well as check for firmware or o/s updates and have it all done in a single package. EaseUS only does backup nothing else I imagine and considering it only does 7 of 16 areas in comparison to Kies I can't see Samsung users using anything else.

    As for other manufacturers, they each have a variation of Kies for their phones. LG has a native built in app called, "Backup", Sony has "SyncML", etc... as well as some ISP offer backup apps of their own like Verizon (USA), and AT&T (USA).

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